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CIT Practice Test

[b]PLEASE NOTE: This practice test in no way guarantees success on the official CIT exam.[/b] It includes questions from each of the various exam domains but is not comprehensive. No questions from this test are used on the official exam and encountering a question on this practice test does not guarantee a similar question on the exam. Individuals typically rate this practice test as easier than the actual exam.

Please reference the [url=]CIT Exam Blueprint[/url] and [url=]CIT Candidate Handbook[/url] for the complete list of topics on the full Exam.

[ul][li]There are 65 questions selected randomly from a larger pool. [/li][li]The correct answer will be shown after each question.[/li][li]The overall results will show at the end.[/li][li]You cannot save the exam and return to your place, but you make follow the link again to start a new practice test session.[/li][/ul]