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CIT Practice Test

This test is intended only as a practice exercise and in no way guarantees success on the official CIT exam. This test includes questions from each of the various exam domains but is not meant to be comprehensive of all knowledge subdomains. Encountering a particular question on this practice test does not guarantee a similar question on the exam. 

Please reference the [url=]CIT Exam Blueprint[/url] and [url=]CIT Candidate Handbook[/url] for the official list of topics included and full certification policies.

[ul][li]There are 65 questions selected randomly from a larger pool. [/li][li]The correct answer will show after each question.[/li][li]The overall results will show at the end.[/li][li]You cannot save the exam and return to your place, but you make follow the link again to start a new practice test session.[/li][/ul]