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HCSS Applicant Practice Test

Thanks for your interest in opportunities at HCSS! Welcome to a practice version of "The Test".

Part of our recruitment process includes a math/logic assessment to evaluate your problem-solving/reasoning abilities. It's less about the math, more about how you work through a problem to arrive at a solution.

This practice test is designed to give you an idea of what the actual test will be like. Take it as many times as you want so you can build up your confidence.

Don't stress! Feel free to open up a separate window and check out this blog post [[b][/b]] for some helpful tips.

[b]Note: Do NOT type any text in your answers on the assessment. For example, if the question asks the number of miles, just put the number itself (i.e 13), NOT "13 miles". The answer will be counted incorrect if you add additional text.  [/b] 

Good luck - you got this!