7 Reasons to Use an Online Quiz Maker

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Why use an online quiz maker?

You should use an online quiz maker for the convenience, accuracy and time it is going to save you and that of your Test takers. We've put together our top 7 reasons to use ClassMarker's online quiz maker.

1. Secure and Private Testing

Security and privacy is ClassMarker's top priority! While all parts of the Testing process are just as important, Testing would not be successful without ensuring that your Tests are secure and private. Using ClassMarker, you can trust that you will be giving a secure quiz online each and every time.
  • Hosted on dedicated servers
  • Data is kept private 24/7 monitored high security hosting
  • Quiz access can be restricted by IP address
  • Give anonymous quizzes to protect user privacy
  • Various options to restrict quiz access and limit attempts
  • Password protected and traceable Test access.
  • Data Backups. Data is securely backed up every 30 minutes

For further detailed security information (there is a lot), please send these through to our Security Team who will be happy to provide detailed information on how ClassMarker secures and protects your data

2. Take Tests Anywhere

It's all about location, location, location! Regardless of where you are, you can give and take Tests anywhere.
  • In an office
  • In a classroom
  • In your home
  • In a park
  • Sitting at the beach
  • On a bus
  • On a train
  • On a boat
  • Even on a plane

You get the idea! Using ClassMarker's quiz maker; Tests can be taken anywhere and you can create online Tests anywhere.

3. Take Tests Anytime - Test Availability

You have to be at the right place at the right time! With ClassMarker's quiz maker, you can choose availability quiz settings for when and how long your quizzes will be available for the taking.
  • Select a start date/time - when the Test taker can enter the Test
  • Select a end date/time - when the Test taker can gain access to enter the Test until
  • Select available - make your Test available at all times.
  • Select unavailable
    - make your Test unavailable, in which nobody will be able to access this Test until you make it available or set availability times/dates.
  • Select to add a timer to a Test

Like with all settings and options you choose in ClassMarker's online quiz creator, you can edit these settings and make changes to take effect immediately. You do not need to remove an item or setting and then add it again. You just simply change the existing item or setting and that's it! The new changes are applied!

4. Compatibility for Quiz Maker Devices and Browsers

They say opposites attract but not when you are choosing programs to use! We all know the first thing we do when wanting to use a specific program or application is check the system requirements and cross our fingers that it's a match!

When giving and taking Tests, you want to be able to Test all users on any device or browser that they currently have. Users should not be denied Testing because they do not meet the right requirements.

With ClassMarker's quiz maker compatibility, taking Tests will be worry free because Tests can be taken on any device and most browsers.
  • Desktop Devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS/Chromebook
  • Portable Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android & more
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge

There are also no downloads and no software to install!

5. Track Instant Quiz Results

You can track quiz results in a variety of ways with ClassMarker.

Everything is now at a faster pace! We all want to get things done quicker, get to our destinations sooner, order food that is ready faster, view content online quicker, get results regardless of what it is for - faster!

Receiving Test results should be no different. You have given a Test and your students/employees/customers have taken a Test. You want the results as soon as possible.

With ClassMarker's quiz maker with instant results, you get just that each and every time!
  • Results are graded instantly.
  • Results are graded with 100% accuracy.
  • Send results via email to Test-takers automatically upon Test completion
  • Send results via email on specific dates/times to your users.
  • View immediately results for Tests completed
  • View in real-time results for Tests in progress
  • Have results sent back to your own system via our API/Webhook Integration options.
  • Track and validate certifications from auto-generated serial numbers

Grades aren't set in stone. Anytime you need to make changes or perhaps you wish to add some bonus points to a specific answer, you can edit the point values for any question a Test taker has given an answer to!

ClassMarker has multiple options for tracking quiz results.

6. Different ways for Giving Quizzes Online

Everybody has different Testing requirements, which is why ClassMarker offers different ways for giving quizzes online.
  • For regular monthly Testing, using Groups is a great option for having Test takers login to their own Test taker account.
  • For occasional Testing, you can use Links where users are not required to be registered.
  • Links is great to give Tests if giving a one-time Test
  • If giving quizzes to unknown users, Links can also work great for this.
  • Giving online quizzes via Groups is an ideal solution for administering training quizzes for employees and students because Test takers can go back into their accounts to view previous Tests taken in one location for study purposes.
  • Using Links to give Tests will enable you to brand and embed Tests with your own company branding to add to your own website!
  • Select the option to give quizzes to be completed in one sitting
  • Select the option to save and resume later, enabling your users to save the Test to resume at a later time, right where they left off!
  • Give your Tests by selling your Tests You have the option to sell specific Tests and get paid instantly while also giving Tests for free.

The possibilities of how you give your Tests and what you apply for settings to your Tests are endless. This all depends on how you want to set it up. The choice is yours!

7. Quiz Maker Features

Using an online quiz maker will enable you to create Tests, Quizzes, Assessments, Surveys and Exams that you would never be able to create on paper.

ClassMarker's quiz maker features include everything you need to create professional-looking, interactive Tests and certifications that your organization or school will be proud to provide to your users.
  • Fully customizable certificates with unique serial number validation
  • Create interactive Tests to include audio, video, images and documents
  • Add multi-user admin roles with different account permissions per user
  • Flexible payment options and pricing to meet your Testing needs including Yearly Plans, monthly subscriptions, credit packs for bulk or occasional Testing, custom Enterprise plans.
  • And many more features and options

With ClassMarker, the possibilities are truly endless for how you wish to create and give your Tests.

You choose, from the Test creation, questions, question types, learning materials you wish to include, how results display for your users, how you wish to receive results and more!

It's all up to you, with what you do with your own data that always will be your own data, in ClassMarker's secure, stable, professional quiz maker!

Register Here and check out for yourself why ClassMarker has been and continues to be used world wide by thousands of our amazing customers in both Business and Education, since 2006.

Happy Testing!

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