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How to White Label Online Exams

Fri 22nd Sep 2017

You can use ClassMaker to set up your white labeled solution for giving online exams. Test takers will remain on your website from Taking Exams and Viewing Results to downloading Certificates.

If you already use ClassMarker, you will know how to create and assign Tests. If not, you can review the following Link on this topic when you are ready.
Groups vs Links explained: Learn How to give online exams.
NB: You will use our Links option for your white label online exam solution.

Step by Step

We will presume you have Created your exams in ClassMarker at this point....

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How to Make Quizzes Online

Wed 20th Sep 2017

Creating quizzes does not have to be a frustrating task. It can be quite enjoyable if you get creative with building your quizzes. It can also be rather rewarding to know that you have built a quiz that individuals are going to learn and benefit from....

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Online Exam Web Tools

Wed 30th Aug 2017

It's back to school time! Are you ready for the new school year? If you are not already using an online Testing platform, chances are you will be soon enough. Where do you begin? What do you look for?

Our team here at ClassMarker have put together an overview of key items you should be considering when choosing an online quiz maker for teachers, along with what ClassMarker can offer, to ensure both you, as a teacher and your students have the best Testing experience possible this year....

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Create Free Unlimited Practice Quizzes

Mon 21st Aug 2017

It’s that time of year again where students are out shopping for school supplies and teachers are beginning to prepare for the new school year with new students, creating lesson plans, thinking of the training materials they want to add and of course, Test preparation. We thought this would be a good time to let you know how you can create unlimited free practice exams with ClassMarker!

Before the world of online Testing, training materials and Tests consisted mostly of viewing word after word on crisp white sheets of paper. Yes, we learned from these, however let’s face it, they were not very engaging or exciting....

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Displaying Real Time Quiz Results with Feedback

Sat 24th Jun 2017

Once you have created your online Test, the next step is deciding what to display on the results pages that will show to your Test takers....

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How to Export Quiz Results

Sun 21st May 2017

Export all Test results for a specific Group or Link, or select the data you want to export with filters such as, Dates, Status and Score, Duration and more. Export detailed test results with all selected answers. ClassMarker also offers the option for exporting exam results across multiple groups or links at one time....

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Creating Matching Question Types

Sat 28th Jan 2017

Matching type questions have arrived!

ClassMarker offers a variety of question types to assist with creating your online exams, such as multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, free text (short answer), punctuation (grammar) and essay (long answer), and our newest addition - matching questions.

ClassMarker Quiz Maker

With ClassMarker's online Quiz Tool, we have implemented our matching questions to enable you to not only add text, but to also embed images and multimedia, such as audio and video, to both the left and right sides of the match. This provides the flexibility to be even more inventive when creating matching question types in online quizzes....

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How to Embed Online Quizzes in Google Sites

Mon 16th Jan 2017

Have a Google Site that you would like to embed your ClassMarker Tests into? Once you have created your Quizzes using ClassMarker's Online Quiz Maker Tool, embedding these into your Google Site is a very simple process. With just a few clicks, you will have your Quizzes embedded into your Google Site web pages.

When you create online Quizzes for Google Sites, with ClassMarker, this will require that you use Links to assign your Tests and copy an embed code and paste this into your Google Site page....

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How to Create Online Quiz for Google Sites

Tue 10th Jan 2017

You can easily Create and Embed online exam in Google sites and have results graded instantly using

With ClassMarker, there are two ways to assign Tests, via Groups or Links.

Groups allow for Test-takers to be registered and provided with an account where they would access their Tests and see previous Tests/results.

Links allow for Quizzes to be given via a link that can be sent to an email address, a direct link that can be pasted into a web page or a link that you can embed into your website. Users taking Quizzes via this method are considered to be non-registered.

While both options have their benefits, Links will provide you with the option to add your Quizzes directly into your web pages. This would be the option you would choose if you were to Create online Quizzes for Google Sites.

ClassMarker allows for easy embedding of your Quizzes. If you can copy and paste, you can embed a ClassMarker Test into your Google Site....

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