How To Take a Quiz?

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How do your Test takers take a quiz?

Good question! With ClassMarker, there are two ways that your students/employees can access the Tests you give them. If you have assigned Tests via Groups, users will log in to a Test taker account. If you have posted Tests via Links, they will to go to the Test link or web page URL where you have the Test located.

That's it! It's straightforward for students and employees to take online quizzes for Business and Education with ClassMarker.

FYI: It's just as effortless to create your own online quizzes, as it is to take Tests with ClassMarker!

How to Take an Online Exam?

If you have used Groups to give your Tests, you can provide the following to your users.
  1. Have you been given login details including a username and password?
    - Go to the quiz login page.
    - Top right of the page, enter your username and password into the login fields.

    Once in the account, you will see all groups you are part of and all Tests within each group.
  2. Use this option if you have been given a registration code.
    - Go to the quiz registration code page.
    - Enter the registration code provided to you
    - Enter your first name and last name (or a unique identifier if instructed to add other information here rather than your name).
    - Create a username. (Click on the 'Check Availability' link to confirm the username is available).
    - Create a password.
    - Enter an email address (this is optional).
    - If in agreeance, check the box to accept ClassMarker Terms and Conditions.
    - You can now log in to your Test taker account with your username and password.

At any time, if you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can retrieve and reset these details by using the Reset Quiz Password page.

Please note: If you do not see a Test when logged into your Test taker account, please reach out to the person/instructor giving you your Tests, because this may be due to either the Test not yet being available to your Group or if availability dates have been set where you cannot start the Test until a certain date/time, the Test will not display until that time.

Taking a Quiz via a Test Link

Taking Tests, quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, assessments and exams on a ClassMarker Test Link is as easy as clicking play on your fav Netflix show!
  1. If you have been given the Test Link via email, Test Link is on a web page or directed to a website by the person giving the Test.
    - Click on the quiz link to take a quiz (Link provided is a sample ClassMarker quiz - this will not get you the grades needed!)
    - Enter details requested. This could include name, email address and/or passwords or access codes to gain entry into the Test. (This depends on how your instructor has set up the Test).

Were you waiting for further instructions? There are none! That's it! It really is that easy! You will then be on your way to achieving that 100%!

To prepare for your Tests, you can view ClassMarker's Test taking tips.

If you have purchased Tests, check out our tips on how to take a quiz.

You won't mind taking your Tests with ClassMarker. You'll be asking your co-worker or classmate "Have you taken your ClassMarker today"? Be assured that when Taking quizzes online, your Tests taken are secure, private within a stable Testing platform!

Register Here and start giving your Tests with the best online quiz maker since 2006!

Happy Testing!

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