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How to Add a Pass Mark to a Quiz

Wed 14th Apr 2021< Back to Blogs and Tutorials

For some Tests, these will be a Test of completion, while others will require the users to reach that passing percentage for successful exam completion.

With ClassMarker's online Test maker, you can choose not to have any pass mark set, or select a pass mark, along with having customized feedback for both those that fail and those that pass. Not incorporating a pass mark will give the option to have the Test as a Test of completion.

As with all settings that you can apply to a Test created in ClassMarker, you can change these settings at any time, and the changes will take effect immediately.

Let's take a look at Online Quiz Maker Tool Settings, to get set up, in a few simple steps!

How to set a pass mark on a quiz

  1. Go to the Test page and select 'Settings' or when assigning a new Test to be taken
  2. Scroll down to the bottom section Test Completion.
  3. Click on Pass Mark Feedback.
  4. Enter passing percentage (if not setting a Pass Mark, leave this field blank)
  5. Enter customized feedback for 'Show on Pass' and 'Show on Fail' (This is optional)
  6. Be sure to turn on the option Custom feedback as set below, in the 'Results page' settings
  7. Save changes at the bottom of the page

If you are not setting a pass mark, do not enter a percentage into the percentage field. This will then enable you to enter a 'Completion' message for all users who take this Test.

When you create pass/fail grades, only those users who pass will see the Pass custom feedback message. Only those who fail will see the Fail custom feedback message.

Within the feedback section, you can add text, add links, audio, video, images, and documents.

You can edit the pass mark at any time to a different percentage or remove the pass mark altogether, which will update the Test settings immediately. No need to assign a Test again or create a new exam.

ClassMarker Quiz Maker

Did you know? When you Export Test Results you can filter the reports. When exporting results, various filters are available to select just the specific statistics you wish to view. You can choose to filter by score and select the passing percentage to only view results for those who have passed.

If applying a certificate to a Test, you can also choose to have the certificate given to all users or only issue certificates when students pass.

ClassMarker is the Easiest Online Quiz Maker. It's secure. It's stable. It includes all of the options and settings you will need to create fully customized professional Tests, exams, and quizzes.

Register Here to begin creating your Tests today!

Happy Testing!

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