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How to Embed exams in

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We are often asked, How to Embed exams in

If you haven't seen ClassMarker before, ClassMarker is a website that allows you to create your own custom quizzes to give online. is a website which allow you to create your own website using a simple DRAG and DROP interface with no HTML experience required.

You can use and embed your ClassMarker exams directly into your WIX website pages. This will allow your Test takers to take your exams without leaving your WIX website.

Embed exam in

Let's look at how to create exams for

First, register your account and create your exams in

Now, you need to assign each exam to a LINK, this allow you to select the settings such as Time limits, Access control and many more settings. See: Quiz maker settings

Once your Test is assigned to a Link, you are given the iFrame Embed code, this is the code you will copy and paste and add to your webpage.

iFrame code, is simply HTML code that allows you to embed one website (In this case, your ClassMarker exams), into another website (Your WIX website). This is just like embedding a YouTube video into a website.

You can learn more from on how to embed a quiz using iFrame code into here:
WIX iFrame Embed options

Now you can have the power of ClassMarker online quiz maker and exam statistics when you are using WIX to create your learning and training website with exams and quizzes.

See also how to give exams on ClassMarker using our LINKS option: Quiz maker settings

Happy Testing!

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