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Quiz: Piano Quintet in D Major ("Trout") (fourth movement)

Trout, piano quintet in D Major, D 667, 1817, Franz Schubert, Piano Quintet, Classical instrumental music, chamber music, Die forelle

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Quiz: Piano Sonata in C minor, Op. 13 ("Pathetique")

Piano sonata in c minor, op. 13, Pathetique Sonata, Ludwig van Beethoven, 1798, Classical instrumental music, piano, Grade 4 History, Music History

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Quiz: Symphony no. 104 in D major ("London") (overview and first movement)

Symphony, symphony no. 104 in D Major, London Symphony, Joseph Haydn, Haydn, 1790s, Salomon symphony, Classical instrumental music, Grade 4 History, History 4, Music History

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Quiz: George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel, Handel, Water Music, Baroque, Composer

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Quiz: Dido and Aeneas (Act 3, final scene: Dido's recitative and lament)

Dido and Aeneas, Dido's lament, When I am laid in earth, Henry Purcell, Purcell, English opera, opera, 1689

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Quiz: Discovering the New World
Quiz: AP NSL study guide

AP NSL study guide Sherwood High School HS

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Quiz: Moro lasso, al mio duolo

moro lasso, al mio duolo, carlo gesualdo, gesualdo, Madrigal, Italian madrigal, Renaissance music, vocal music, Grade 4 History, Music History, RCM

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Quiz: Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone

fair phyllis I saw sitting all alone, English madrigal, John Farmer, Grade 4 History, Music History, RCM History

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Quiz: Chapter 12 - LOM - Week 1

Chapter 12 - LOM - Week 1

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Quiz: RfE Unit 16

Test based on Ready for English (unit 16)

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Quiz: Topic 15 Test

Topic 15 Test - Catherine Kang

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Quiz: Pope Marcellus Mass (Gloria)

pope marcellus mass, gloria, palestrina, giovanni pierluigi da palestrina, grade 4 history, Music history, mass,

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Quiz: Ronde I and II (Danserye)

Ronde, Tielman Susato, Tylman Susato, Danserye, Dance music, Grade 4 History, Music History

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Quiz: Ave Maria ... virgo serena

Ave maria virgo serena, motet, Josquin des prez, Grade 4 HIstory, Music History

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Quiz: Vocabulario Flamenco
Quiz: Fractions

Fractions test, Mrs. Keywana Baker

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Quiz: Maths Quiz
Quiz: evaluacion para los miembros del club extremeboy

este examen es para saber los miembros y si apruebas te daremos el codigo para que ingreses a las demas paginas pero si no lo haces esperaras hasta que realizemos otro examen

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Quiz: Deep-Sea Explorer

Deep-Sea Explorer

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Quiz: One Thing Lead to Another

One Thing Leads to Another

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Quiz: AP Practice Test One
Quiz: AP Practice Test TWO

gholdoian,ap language

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Quiz: Titanic GR Vocabulary Quiz

Government Final

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Unit 3 Exam - Congress

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Quiz: Government - Chapter 18 Guided Reading

Ch. 18 - The Federal Courts / Guided Reading

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Quiz: GOVERNMENT - Marbury v. Madison Essay

Marbury v. Madison Essay

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Quiz: Full_understanding_keflex_meta3
Quiz: Rechtschreibung-Wortschatz-Zeichensetzung
Quiz: Aula 1

Bioquímica Odontologia - Bloco III

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Quiz: Benchmark 1 Practice Test
Quiz: Benchmark 2 Practice Test
Quiz: Benchmark 3 Practice Test
Quiz: Battery 1
Quiz: Enedafacation boculation quiz

Try to boculate if you want to go on If you don't, you will be exomacuted out of classmarker. Mrs Funk

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Quiz: Fire Department CPR Refresher Test
Quiz: 2009 Roche Accu Check

Roche Accu Check

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Quiz: OCR G4 Unit 4

Open Court Spelling, Grade 4, LAUSD

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Quiz: Week 1 - Chapter 1 - LOM -
Quiz: Chapter 3 - LOM - Week 3
Quiz: Chapter 2 - LOM - Week 2
Quiz: Chapter 15 - SBS - Week 2
Quiz: Chapter 14 - SBS - Week 1
Quiz: Week 4 - Final
Quiz: Using although, though, in spite of, despite

Vocational School Test, Using though-although-despite-in spite of

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Quiz: End of the Year Assessment

Kamien's Test

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Quiz: Revolución rusa
Quiz: Chapter 7 - LOM - Week 1 - GU
Quiz: Test Your Uwars Knowledge

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