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Free Exam: Know the Facts

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Question 1

Red Ribbon Week is the nation's oldest and largest drug prevention program.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 2

Alcohol abuse is a pattern of problem drinking that results in health consequences, social problems, or both.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 3

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States and tends to be the first illegal drug teens use.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 4

Smoking is particularly dangersous for teens because their bodies are still developing and changing and the 4,000 chemicals (including 200 known poisons) in cigarette smoke can adversely affect this process.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 5

Cocaine is a white powder that comes fromt he leaves of the South American coca plant.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

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