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Free Exam: ServingResponsibly

Number of Questions in Test: 25
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

Harassment is a form of discrimination

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 2

If my actions are proper, it does not matter if they give an appearance to others of being improper

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 3

Provided my actions do not violate a specific law or cost the Authority money, it is all right to use my official position to secure special privileges for myself or others

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 4

If I make decisions affecting whether the Authority utilizes particular firms, and a member of my family is seeking employment with one of those firms, I need not inform my superiors of the matter unless my family member is actually hired by the firm.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 5

Only actual, not potential, conflicts of interest must be disclosed to supervisory personnel

Type: True/False
Points: 1

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