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Free Exam: New Format Questions Part 2 (36Q of 265):

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Question 1

1. A physician prescribes heparin, 25,000 units in 250 ml of 0.9% sodium chloride solution, to infuse at 600 units/hour for a client who had an acute myocardial infarction. After 6 hours of heparin therapy, the client's partial thromboplastin time is subtherapeutic. The physician orders an increase in the infusion to 800 units/hour. The nurse should set the infusion pump to deliver how many milliliters per hour? ________________

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 2


2. The nurse is assessing a client who reports burning on urination and a low-grade fever. On physical examination, the nurse notes right-sided costovertebral angle tenderness. Identify the area the nurse percussed to elicit this sign. Explain using the above graphic.

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 3

As a nurse is feeding an average-sized client, he begins choking on his food. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the nurse should intervene using the actions listed, list the actions in the sequence in which she should perform them.
1. Administer abdominal thrusts until effective or until the client becomes unresponsive.
2.Activate the emergency response team.
3. Ask the client if he can speak.
4. 4. Perform a tongue-jaw lift followed by a finger sweep.
5. Open the airway and attempt to ventilate the client.
6. Give up to five abdominal thrusts.

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 4


The nurse is performing a cardiac assessment Identify where the nurse places the stethoscope to best auscultate the pulmonic valve. Explain using the graphic above. And think where the stethoscope would be placed on the chest.

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 5

In the ED, a client tells the nurse that he plans to commit suicide and agrees to a voluntary admission to the psychiatric unit Which information will the nurse discuss with the client when he asks, "How long do I have to stay there?" Select all that apply.
1. 1. "You may leave the hospital at any time unless you are suicidal."
2. "Let's talk more after the health team has assessed you."
3. "Once you've signed the papers, you have no say."
4. "Because you could hurt yourself, discharging you wouldn't be safe."
5. "You need a lawyer to help you make that decision."
6. "There must be a court hearing before you leave the hospital."

Type: Free text
Points: 1

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