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Free Exam: SNAB AS Biology Topic 1 Revision

Number of Questions in Test: 30
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

Name a drug which inhibits blood clotting (an anticoagulant).

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 2

'Fancy' name for a heart attack.

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 3

Apart from some lipids, write down two main substances that make up lipoproteins. ***Separate your answers with a comma (,).***

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 4

What sort of bond is formed in a condensation reaction involving two glucose monomers?

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 5

Branched polymer of glucose with 1, 6 glycosidic links. Makes up 70-80% of starch grains in most plant species.

Type: Free text
Points: 1

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