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Free Exam: Dosage & Solution

Number of Questions in Test: 5

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Question 1

Order Amphotericin B 75mg in 1000mL NS to infuse over 6 hours daily. the reconstituted solution contains 50 mg/10mL. In order to answer this type of question, you need to answer the following and use the proper formula.

a) How many milliliters will you add to the IV solution?
b) The IV is to infuse in 6 hrs. The IV drip factor is 10 gtt/mL. At what rate in gtt/min should the IV infuse?

Type: Essay
Points: 2

Question 2

Calculate the infusion time for an IV of 1000mL of D5NS infusing at 60mL/hr. Express time in hours and minutes.

Type: Essay
Points: 2

Question 3

A child weighing 21.4 kg has an order for 500mg of a medication in 100mLD5W q12 hrs. The normal daily dosage range is 40 to 50 mg/kg. Determine if the dosage is within normal range, and state your course of action.

Type: Essay
Points: 2

Question 4

Order: Morphine sulfate 80mg in 250mL of IV fluid to infuse at a rate of 20mL/hr. Determine the dosage in mg/hr the client is receiving.

Type: Essay
Points: 2

Question 5

Order: Digoxin tablets 0.375 mg p.o. stat. Available: Scored tablets labeled 125 mcg, 250 mcg, and 500 mcg.
a) Which Lamoxin tablets will you use to prepare the dosage?
b) How many tablets should the client receive?

Type: Essay
Points: 2

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