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Free Exam: Communication Studies Quiz 38

Number of Questions in Test: 9
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

An etymology is the best source for definitions for your terms

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 2

The following is an example of a simile:

She was a lion, untamed and vicious.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 3

The following is a simile:

The waves were like diamonds, echoing one another's glow in a repeated series.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 4

The plot is the time and place in which the story happens.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 5

Examples of moods for a story or piece of poetry include words like dark, pensive, suspenseful, and energetic.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

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