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Free Exam: Computers IV Semester Final

Number of Questions in Test: 23
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

What is the one primary characteristic of Web 2.0 technologies that differentiates them from Web 1.0 technologies.

Type: Essay
Points: 10

Question 2

Name and briefly describe five (5) Web 2.0 technologies (do not include social networking sites).

Type: Essay
Points: 10

Question 3

Although Wikipedia cannot always be fully trusted, it can be a good place to begin conducting research.

Type: True/False
Points: 10

Question 4

An RSS feed can be used to track blogs.

Type: True/False
Points: 10

Question 5

Google Docs is a Web 2.0 technology.

Type: True/False
Points: 10

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