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Free Exam: Ishmael chapters 1 + 2

Number of Questions in Test: 7
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

1. "With Man Gone, Will there be Hope for Gorilla?"  is  written on a sign behind Ishmael's head.  Interpret the meaning of this sign.  How can this sign be read in two different ways?  Explain.

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 2

"Because if you are still, then you will be better able to hear" (Quinn 9).  Explain the context of this quote within the book.  Show how this quote also carries meaning outside of the novel.  What might it mean to you ?  Explain.

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 3

Show how Walter Sokolow and Ishmael are similar.  Be specific with details and examples.

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 4

What subject does Ishmael teach?  Why is this subject significant to the novel so far?

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 5

5. Ishmael says, "The world is not going to survive for very long as humanity's captive" (Quinn 26).   Explain what Ishmael means by this.  Use examples to make your point.

Type: Essay
Points: 5

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