How to write good Free Text Questions

Free Text questions are similar to Essay questions, in the sense they require a great deal more thought and users need to enter their own answers. With Free Text questions however, answers are generally kept to a one or two word maximum.

Also known as: Short Answer questions, Fill in the Blank, objective

Use Free Text Questions to Assess:

  • Basic understanding of a subject
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Knowledge Recall

Question Usage Ideas:

  • Knowledge of definitions
  • Direct questions
  • Foreign language Tests
  • Math Tests

Advantages of Free Text Questions:

  • Questions are easy to create
  • Automatically graded
  • Easy to grade on paper
  • Test takers cannot easily guess answers
  • Versatile - works great for different types of classes

Disadvantages of Free Text Questions:

  • Can easily be marked wrong, due to spelling mistakes
  • Answer given is limited to only a couple of words
  • Questions need to be specific and clearly written.
  • Can be confusing if correct answer consists of too many words.


Tips for creating Free Text Questions

  • Keep answers to one or two words maximum
  • Answers are not case sensitive
  • Use underscores to create 'fill in the blank' questions
  • Use optional correct answer options with different spellings of the answer
  • Write questions in your own words
  • Do not make the 'fill in the blank' line the length of the words, to show it's a shorter or longer word.
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Free Text Question Features in

You're a Pro if You Know:

  • You should use underscores for creating fill in the blank questions
  • You can add up to 20 answer options that can be considered correct
  • You can add custom feedback for both correct/incorrect answers
  • Free Text Questions are automatically graded