Multimedia: Using Audio/Visual Aids in Online Testing

Using additional learning materials in Tests are great for many different reasons. Not only are multimedia items good for making Tests more interactive and enjoyable for users, they can also be key factors in Questions.

Not all people learn in the same way. Some learn better by reading the information in front of them, while others grasp this better through visual or audio aids. And at times, some multimedia aids are needed in combination with text.

Consider this

Benefits of using Multimedia


  • Matching pictures with words - helps with visual recognition
  • People remember images more over words - helps to retain knowledge
  • Images draw users in - helps in keeping the attention of a user


  • Great for creating Music Tests
  • Great for language translation Tests
  • Listening Tests - helps to develop listening skills
  • Learning with audio can also help with developing communication skills
  • Users can more easily recognize emotions
  • Users can absorb information while doing other tasks


  • People are very familiar with videos
  • People remember what they see - helps to retain information
  • Can combine both audio and video
  • Makes Tests more interactive
  • Harder to understand information is easier to comprehend
  • People tend to pay attention more to video
  • Great for giving demonstrations
  • Great for testing observation skills


  • Can be used for reference throughout Test
  • Allows information to be separate from Test questions
  • Great for reading passages


Tips for creating Tests with Multimedia

  • Keep Video and Audio short to avoid concentration loss
  • Introduce multimedia items with text
  • Give alternative full text descriptions if testing hearing or sight impaired users
  • Don't overdo it with too many unnecessary items