Customize your online test introduction

ClassMarker exams can be given anonymously, or importantly, you can record each user's details with their Test results.

User Info

Save user details

User info settings will allow you to identify who is taking your Tests. Select from 'first name', 'last name' and 'email address'. This information (name) will display on Test results and certificates if awarding one.


  1. First Name:
    • Requires a user to enter a name into this field
    • Optional setting
    • Can use alternate identifier instead of actual name
  2. Last Name:
    • Requires a user to enter a name into this field
    • Optional setting
    • Can use alternate identifier instead of actual name
  3. Email Address:
    • Requires a user to enter an email address
    • Optional setting
    • If having results automatically emailed to Test takers, choose this setting


  1. Identify who is taking Tests
  2. Will automatically add names to certificates
  3. Results can be automatically sent to Test takers
  4. Settings are optional so Tests can be kept anonymous

Used With: Links (Groups already have this information)

Custom Info

Collect demographic or other non graded information

Custom Info will allow you to create questions that will show to Test takers prior to the starting of their Test.


  1. Extra Information Questions:
    • Add up to 5 questions
    • Can set as optional or mandatory that users enter a response
    • Not included in the grading of the Test
    • Each question field can include up to 255 characters


  1. Great for collecting demographic information
  2. Information collected will display on individual results
  3. Information collected can be exported to Excel when including 'selected answers'

Used With: Links


Give instructions to Test takers before they start the Test

These instructions consist of how you have set the Test up. They include information such as what the passmark of the Test is, if there is a timer on the Test and how long this is, if you can go back and change answers, if you can save to resume later.


  1. Guidelines:
    • 'Display Guidelines before Test Starts' - optional setting to turn on/off guidelines
    • Guidelines are automatically created by ClassMarker for you, based on your chosen Test settings.
  2. Custom Instructions:
    • Add additional custom instructions (optional) - only applies to Links
    • Can add images, documents, audio and video (optional)
    • Add up to 1000 characters in text field
    • Will display prior to the Test beginning
    • If you choose to also turn on guidelines, both the guidelines and custom instructions will display
    • If charging for a Test, these will only display after the user has made their payment


  1. Will assist in helping Test takers to know how the Test is set up
  2. Great if you need to provide additional information to users before they begin
  3. Selling Tests - information is private until a purchase is made

Used With: Groups and Links