Getting started with Online Test Creation

Oh my, how Test creation has changed over time. In previous years (way, way back) Tests were created using a stone tablet and chisel. These were great, because you never had to look for somewhere to charge it!

Then, there was slate boards and chalk - this did the job however there was no such thing as data backup. It was easy to tell however, who erased your data because they looked like Casper afterwards!

Let's not forget, the long gruelling hours of attempting to create a Test on a typewriter - being very very careful to not make any mistakes. Unfortunately, there was no 'delete' or 'backspace' available to instantly remove errors. This required numerous bottles of white out to be on hand.

Pencil and paper - still being used today. This has always been a great way for Testing however there are just some things that you cannot put on paper, such as audio clips (paper clips, yes) or videos to make a Test more interactive. Images could be added but this required a lot more ink to be used, especially if you need to print out 100 copies. Test takers crossed their fingers in hopes they would be the lucky ones that day, when the printer ran out of ink or paper.

With the ability to now create Tests online, the possibilities are endless. You can have thousands of user take Tests at any given time and they can be instantly graded! Once you have planned out your Test, it's an easy task to then create your Test online. The more difficult part however, is the thought and preparation of what will go into your Test and how to make it work.

We've done some serious thinking (and some, not so serious) to come up with some suggestions and tips that can help with creating the perfect Test.