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Creating Questions in

You're a Pro if You Know:

  • When adding Questions to a Test, these Questions will be automatically added to the Question Bank as well.
  • You can add both fixed and randomly selected Questions to a Test.
  • You can duplicate Test Questions, which is great for wanting the same Question in two different Categories. Just click on 'Duplicate' under any Question and choose a new Category to apply it to!
  • You can print an answer key, to paper or to .pdf. On your Test 'edit' page, hover your mouse over the three horizontal lines (above your Questions) and select the option to 'Expand all answers'. From the My Account navigation, select 'Print this page'. Before Printing the page make sure to select 'Background colors and images' in order to display your selected answers.
  • You can add multiple Questions to a Category at the same time. Create a temporary Test. Select all Questions from your Question bank that you would like added to that Category. On your Test 'edit' page, hover your mouse over 'More' and select 'edit Question settings'. Choose your Category under 'Categories' - this will allow you to change all Questions to that Category. Now, delete the temporary Test. (All Questions will still remain in your Question Bank).