ClassMarker Pro Tips

Become a ClassMarker Guru: Pro Tips

Applying Test Settings in ClassMarker

You're a Pro if You Know:

  • You can add additional attempts per user.
    • For Group users - add additional attempts by going to the user's individual results page.
    • For Link users - delete the user's previous attempt or if using an Access List, you can provide them with another access code.
  • You can edit user names and email addresses, if they have entered them incorrectly.
    • For Links users - click on the 'Pencil' icon beside the user's name or email address on their individual results page.
    • For Group users - edit their contact details on the Group Member's page under that specific individual.
  • You can reopen a completed Test for both Groups and Links. Reopening a Test will allow it to be resumed and will not use another credit. You can do this by clicking on 'Reopen Test' on any user's completed results page.
  • You can create a Resume Test link for those Tests assigned via Links. This will allow you to create a link only for that user, to resume their Test right from where they left off.
  • When using Themes, you can change the text that shows in the browser tab by going to your Theme 'edit' page and editing the title text in the text box labelled 'Title Text'. If using a specific title text that applies to a specific Test, create a new theme for additional Tests so you do not have that same title text appearing for other Tests.
  • You can add a company logo to the Group page that users see when they log in. Select 'Group Message' on your Group Members page. Click on the 'keyboard' icon to upload a company logo.
  • When using Links, you can give multiple Tests in a specific order by adding the Test link for the next Test into either the custom feedback areas or by using the Return Links.
  • You can prevent copy/paste on modern browsers when you set printing to be disabled.
  • You can set different prices for the same Test. Simply assign your Test to a new Link and choose your different price. Great if giving discounted Tests to specific users.
  • Test takers can see and go back to questions they missed. If you select to allow users to go back to previous questions during their Test, a link shows that reads "Display previously viewed questions' - when they click on this link, they will see a 'preview' of previous questions. They can click on any question number to be taken to it. The question number will also display in grey if it's a missed question.