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Creating Tests in

You're a Pro if You Know:

  • You can change a Test name simply by going to your Test 'edit' page and clicking on the Test name.
  • You can change certain settings within a Test for all Questions at one time. On your Test 'edit' page, click on 'More' > Edit Question Settings. This will allow you to edit the point value of all Questions within that Test at one time, or the Category Questions belong to. How about changing the randomization of all answers for all Questions at once or setting the grading scale for Multiple Response Questions!
  • You can quickly reorder Test Questions by just clicking on 'Reorder' below any Question.
  • You can 'preview' Tests in two different ways. Preview from your Test 'edit' page. Or, preview from your Test 'settings' page, which will then preview the Test including all settings applied to the Test, such as timer, availability, how results are selected to display, and more.
  • That those cute little question marks within a circle randomly seen throughout the admin pages - if you hover over these, they provide tons of great tips!
  • You can group randomly selected Questions by Category. If you use 'Option 2' - enter a specific number of Questions per each Category that you want to pull Questions from, you can then select to group these by category!
  • By clicking on the 'pencil' icon throughout your admin pages, this will provide you with a specific 'edit' option.
  • Replying to Customer Support Emails saying "Thanks, You're simply the best!" will initiate multiple Tina Turner outbursts around the office for at least 2 hrs.
  • You can give quizzes in multiple languages! Create your Questions in the desired language and when registering users you can select their language. If giving Tests via Links, you can set which language to use. The Test taker interface will then be given in that language.