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Online Testing Features:

Features Free Upgraded
Fully functional testing environment Available Available
Your data private to your account Available Available
Test results graded instantly Tip Available Available
Unlimited quizzes & questions Available Available
Randomize questions & answers Available Available
Categorize your Questions in your Questions bank Available Available
Questions selected at random on Test start Tip Available Available
Re-use Questions across multiple Tests Available Available
Multiple choice, True/False, Short answer, Essay & more Available Available
Multilingual student interface (View Languages) Available Available
Public & Private Testing options Available Available
Save Test & finish at a later date Available Available
Navigate back to specific Questions during Test Available Available
View unanswered Questions during Test Available Available
Add: Time limits, Test availability dates (More Settings) Available Available
Embed images, documents & videos Tip Available Available
Upload images, documents Tip Not available Available
Batch import questions Not available Available
Add custom feedback to Questions and overall results Not available Available
View advanced results analytics Tip Not available Available
Email results to Administrators Not available Available
Email results to Test takers Not available Available
Export results for offline analysis Not available Available
Create Certificates Tip Not available Available
Search & Copy Tests from our Community section Tip Not available Available
Sell Exam access and receive payments instantly Not available Available
Set return links to your website on completion Not available Available
Integrate using our Quiz maker API Not available Available
Pass variables between your website & ClassMarker Not available Available

Groups: Pre-Register Users for Testing Tip
Create individual usernames and passwords Available Available
Add registered uses to multiple groups Tip Available Available
Save & review results from Tests given via Groups Available Available
Remove Text Ads Not available Available

Links: Testing Non-Registered Users Tip
Create direct links to your Tests Available Available
Embed quizzes directly in your website Available Available
Add your own logos and branding Available Available
Save Test takers Name and Email plus more Not available Available
Save & review results from Tests given via Links Not available Available
Remove Text Ads Not available Available

Our Education Free plan is only available to members of Not-for-profit organizations including Education & Government institutions.

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ClassMarker is the chosen quiz maker used to create and give exams online by Governments, Education institutions, Fortune 500s, Medical, Transportation, Oil, Shipping, Banking, Aviation, Recruitment, Defense and more industries (View Clients), hence, Security is our number one priority.

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