Taking exams with ClassMarker

Whether you need to create tests for pre-employment, job training, school or higher education, your test takers will find taking tests with ClassMarker easy.

We routinely survey test takers for feedback. The majority praise ClassMarker's fast, easy-to-use test-taking platform, automatic exam scores, and the ability to receive instant feedback on their results.

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For registered users

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When sending a Link

Registered users portal

Students registered into groups have an account where they can see all Tests assigned to them.


Creating the "Master link"

After creating your 'master' link for your test, you can email it to each user or embed it on your website. There is no need for your test user to register.

Additionally, using the link option allows you to create both public & private online tests. Public tests are open for anyone to take. Private tests allow you to restrict access to a finite group of test users.

You can record and store basic information for each of your test users, and have the flexibility to ask any additional information questions before a user takes your test.

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Exam instructions example

At the start of the test

Users will see Test settings and instructions as set by you. Instructions can be set in multiple languages and you can add your own custom instructions as well.

Taking the test

Test timer
Question 1 of 8 example

Timer and question bookmarks

Once started, they will see an indication of time left, if you set a timer.

They also have the ability to bookmark questions, if you allow them to change answers during the Test.

Test takers can see instant feedback as they progress through the test (if you allow this).

Full list of questions

You can show your test users the full list of questions in that test or show questions one by one. Use the full list of questions feature when:

  • You want your test users to answer your questions in any order they wish.
  • The information from one question will help the test user answer other questions.
  • You believe your test users will likely go back and forth between questions.

Use show questions one by one feature when you feel it is beneficial to give your test users per-question instant feedback.

Screenshot of exam results

Taking the test

At the end of your test, depending on your settings, test users will see the following:

  • Their scores displayed in points and percentages.
  • Whether they passed or not.
  • Feedback per question.
  • Which answers were correct or incorrect.
Screenshot of exam results
Screenshot of exam results

After the test

If you previously chose to give exam access via a group of registered users, you can allow these test users to see their test results every time they log in. This is a great way for them to keep track of their progress and performance.

Customize the test-taking experience

Instill confidence in your test takers through familiarity as you create branded online quizzes that are a seamless extension of your brand. Add custom themes, your own logo, and colors. Embed exams to websites directly.

Try an online test demo

Non-themed test

Try our standard ClassMarker exam with no branding.

Custom test

Check out how your tests will look when you apply your own branding and styles (available only when using Links).

View our step by step tutorials to discover more about ClassMarker's flexible features.


to take your exams to the next level with ClassMarker's advanced features!


How can I create a branded online quiz?

For the professional touch, your quizzes should reflect your brand seamlessly from your websites to CRMs, LMS, and other online platforms.

ClassMarker allows you to customize your quizzes with your logos, brand colors, and choice of text color, button colors, and backgrounds.

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