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How to add online exams to my website?

ClassMarker exams can be embedded in your website to provide a fully integrated solution. You can customize ClassMarker to fit seamlessly with your platform requirements and look and feel.

These are just some of the things you can do:

  • Generate links to share ClassMarker exams with your users
  • Restrict exam access to specific lists of users
  • Receive exam results direct to your platform from ClassMarker using webhooks
  • Pass data from your platform to ClassMarker, such as a user identifier or other tracking string

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Try it now!

For a first look at ClassMarker on your website, add the following iFrame code to a webpage:

<script src="" data-quiz="yba59c342adc8815" data-width="700" data-height="800" ></script>

Add some automation with the ClassMarker API and webhooks

Our API and webhooks allow your web developers private access to extract your exam results back into your system automatically.

The API and webhooks use slightly different approaches to delivering data to your platform, so the solution your organization chooses to implement depends on your own environment and requirements:

  1. Pull: the API can retrieve results from ClassMarker on a defined schedule.
  2. Push: the webhooks can receive results from ClassMarker whenever they become available.

You can also use the ClassMarker API to manage your other exam-related data, such as questions, user groups, and access lists.

Integrate with a third party Learning Management System (LMS)

Ask your existing LMS to integrate with ClassMarkers APIs, so you can have your Users take your ClassMarker exams, and have results reported back to your LMS.

See: LMS Quiz Maker

Integrate with third party services

You can use ClassMarker webhooks to send exam results to third party services. is a service that can receive webhook data from ClassMarker and send exam results to a third party service of your choice.

Here are some examples of ways third party systems can leverage ClassMarker data:

  1. Add an exam taker’s name, email address and test score to a Google Docs spreadsheet the moment an exam is finished, to use for lead generation.
  2. Update employee test scores in your CRM system or online recruiting portal.
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Can I pass and retrieve tracking codes with exams?

Yes, you can send tracking codes to ClassMarker with the exam URL, and receive these back along with Test results on API/Webhook requests to match results with users in your system.

Can I receive Test results in real-time?

Yes. ClassMarker can send you JSON formatted results via WEBHOOKs the second an exam is finished.

Can I store results in my own database?

Yes, the ClassMarker API is built to allow developers to download and store results in their own databases. See our code examples in GitHub.

For a full list of FAQs, go to our FAQ page.

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