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Quiz Maker Integration Options

How to add online exams to my website?

Our Quiz Maker allows you to create a class based environment, give exams directly with a link or embed exams in your website, just like a YouTube video.

Try it now!

You can copy and paste this iFrame code into your website today, and see how Tests will look and can be taken directly from your own website.

<iframe src="" frameborder= "0" style="width:100%;max-width:700px;" height="800"></iframe>

From Enterprise to Education Exam Integrations

Our Online Testing Webhooks & API options allow your web developers, private access to extract your Test results back into your system automatically. What is an API?

From Enterprise to Education Exam Integrations, our Quiz maker gives you full control over Test taker access to your exams, real time results and instant notifications.

You can also choose to integrate your own websites user IDs to be saved with Users Test results, allowing you to easily export or send your user IDs (along with respective Test results) back to your own website in real time.

The options below allow you to integrate ClassMarker with your website, WordPress, Google sites and most other website solutions for a fully integrated solution.

After you create your online exam, you will Assign it to a Link to give Users direct access. Follow the instructions below for helpful tips on how you can pass your Users details to ClassMarker automatically, then retrieve results back in real time.

For Developers

How to Integrate Exams with your website:

  1. Integrate your own user IDs with ClassMarker (cm_user_id)
  2. Pre-populate user details (Code Examples)
  3. Restrict access using 'Access lists'
  4. Auto Populate 'Access lists' via API
  5. Return Users & Results to your website
  6. Retrieve exam results in real time with Webhooks
  7. Brand your Tests

Download our: Quiz API Integration Guide

Webhooks & API Documentation

Integrate with Third Party Services

Integrate exams and quizzes with ClassMarker's API

1. Integrate your own user IDs

You can record your own Users' IDs by automatically appending them to the Link your Users click to take their Test (if they are logged in to your website for example).


The cm_user_id will hold your Users "user id for your system" (or any other tracking string you require)

The cm_user_id will be saved with Users Test results and can be viewed in ClassMarker, exported wth results and returned with Webhooks and API requests.

cm_user_id can be any alphanumeric string under 100 characters long.

The cm_user_id can be used to:

Restrict access
You can also require that Tests can only be taken when a cm_user_id is supplied, and limit each user id to one attempt only per Test (See Link settings when assigning Tests).

Also see: Access lists as another option to restrict exam access.

Populate Users details as well if you prefer - see Pre-populate user details below.

2. Pre-populate User Details

When using our Direct link Testing options, you can send your Users' details to ClassMarker to save them having to fill in their name and email address (should you select to require their details) before they start the Test.

When you assign your Test to a Direct link, you are given the unique link for your Test. This is the link you can send Users details to.

Send details using either GET or POST with the following parameters names.

Parameters names:

cm_fn=First name (optional)
cm_ln=Last name (optional)
cm_e=Email (optional)
cm_user_id=123 (optional - See above)
cm_access_list_item=456 (optional - See below)

GET Example:{QUIZ_ID}

POST Example:

<form action="" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="quiz" value="{QUIZ_ID}"/>
    <input type="hidden" name="cm_fn" value="John"/>
    <input type="hidden" name="cm_ln" value="Smith"/>
    <input type="hidden" name="cm_e" value=""/>
    <input type="hidden" name="cm_user_id" value="123"/>
    <input type="hidden" name="cm_access_list_item" value="456"/>
    <input type="submit" value="Take your online test"/>

Embed iFrame Example:

<iframe src="{QUIZ_ID}
frameborder="0" style="width:100%;max-width:700px;" height="800"></iframe>

3. Restrict access using 'Access lists'

When testing non-registered Users via a direct link or embedding Tests within your website, as well as password protecting your Tests, you also have the option to limit exactly who can access your Tests by using 'Access list'.

Learn about Access Lists.

Basically, an Access list is a list of unique identifiers you add (email address, employee IDs, etc) that a user must use to access your Test/s. You can limit how many times each unique identifier can be used per Test and they are recorded along with the respective Test results.

Both Access list items (cm_access_list_item) and user_ids (cm_user_id) values can be exported to Excel format with Test results, date taken, Test duration and IP address.

These methods do not require Users to be registered to take your Tests, and if using access lists you can mass import identifiers when creating and editing lists.

See details above to learn how to either pass Access list items to ClassMarker for automatic checking, or you can have the Test takers know their own Access list item and type it in themselves. See the cm_access_list_item parameter above for more details.

Manage Access lists Automatically via API requests:
You can use our API to Add and Delete Access Codes from your Access lists automatically.

See: Access Lists API documentation

4. Populate 'Access lists' via API

Because Access Lists allow us to fully control who can take your exams, and how many times, the next thing you want to be able to do it automatically populate your Access lists via API requests.

You may want to 'Add' a new Access code to an Access list when:

You may want to 'Remove' as Access code from an Access list when:

Using our Access list API can help your fully automate your online testing requirements.

For more information, see our: Access Lists API documentation

5. Return Users & Results

ClassMarker also lets you set a Return link for Users to follow back to your website after they have completed their Test.

Return links can also have the Users' details, Test score and duration appended to it for you to record in real time on your own website.

To use Return links:
Select to assign your Test to a direct link from the Assign section, or edit an existing assigned Test, then find the 'Return link' section to add your return link and check the box that reads, 'Append 'Test results' parameters to return LINK'. Each time a user completes your Test and clicks your Return link, your Test scores will be sent to your website on the Return link.


cm_ts=Test Score (Points scored)
cm_tsa=Test Score Available (Total points available)
cm_tp=Test Percentage
cm_td=Test Duration (0-12-35 = 0h 12m 35s)
cm_fn=first name
cm_ln=last name
cm_e=email address

cm_ts, cm_tsa and cm_tp will be to given to one decimal place if applicable.
EG: 50 or 50.1. Please ensure your system will accept a value to 1 decimal place, 50.0 or 50.1.

Our Webhooks pass back these parameters as well for better real-time approach.

Return Custom Variables
You can also add your own unique parameters to be returned to you via the return link, by prepending the parameter names with cm_return_

The parameter cm_return_employee_id=1234 will be returned to you as:


Note: cm_return_ parameter values are not saved with Test results, only returned on the Return URL. We recommend instead using cm_user_id as explained above which will save it's value with the Test results for you to review, export or retrieve using our API & Webhooks.

6. Retrieve results via Webhooks

You can have your web developers set up a script to retrieve Exam results in real time.

ClassMarker will post exam results to your website securely for you to save in your database and use as required.

Exam results will include the cm_user_id parameter you sent to ClassMarker - if this for example is a user_id from your system, then you know who the exam results belong to.

See our Webhooks Documentation for more information.

You can also receive a unique URL to record in your database (one per Test result), to allow Users to view their Tests results again in the future.
Jump to the specific 'View Results URL' documentation.

7. Brand your Tests

Easily add your own logos and colors to your Test pages or embed them within your own website. Learn More


Integrate with Third Party Services

You can also use ClassMarker Webhooks to send Exam results directly to third party services. is a service that can receive Webhooks from ClassMarker, and send Test results to a third party service of your choice.

For example: You can have a Test takers "Name, Email address and Test score" added to a Google Spreadsheet the moment an exam is finished for Lead Generation, or have your customers Test scores updated in your CRM system or Online Recruiting Portal.

See our Quiz Maker Webhooks Documentation for more information.