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How do Credits work?

Each time one of your tests is taken, only 1 credit is used. If 2 people take a Test, 2 credits are used. (Each Credit includes certificate downloading, results emailed included).

How to Edit Test settings?

To edit the Questions in your Test
Go to the Tests section and select 'Edit' under your test.

Edit settings used when Taking Tests
If you want to edit the settings such as Time limit, Test availability, Passmark, Feedback and more, to go the Tests section and select 'Settings' under your Test next to the Group or Link you wish to edit the settings for.

How to use Random Questions?

You can select to randomize Questions when you assign your test.

Of you can have questions selected at random, each time your test is taken. Learn: Random Questions

Can I add multiple administrators?

Yes. You can create additional logins for "Assistants" to help manage your account. Each assistant can have separate permissions as required. There is no extra cost for creating Assistants. See: How to Create Assistants

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