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1. About ClassMarker

2. How ClassMarker Works

3. ClassMarker Demonstration Video

1. About ClassMarker 2. How ClassMarker Works 3. ClassMarker Demonstration Video

How do Credits work?

Each time one of your tests is taken, only 1 credit is used. For example:
- If you have 1 test and 5 users take it, 5 credits are used.
- If you have 2 tests and 5 users take them once each, 10 credits are used.
- If 1 user takes the same test twice, this will use 2 credits and so on.

When you buy credits you get access to all upgraded account Features:
* Certificate downloading
* Email Results
* Save Test Results
* Export test results
* Analyze detailed Statistics

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How to Edit Test settings?

When you assign a test either by Group or Link, you will be provided with a number of customizable settings such as:
Test availability,
attempts allowed,
include certificates,
pass mark,
feedback messages
and more.

ClassMarker gives you the flexibility to modify and reuse tests and test settings as needed:
To edit the settings for your test go to the Tests section and open the row for your test and select 'Settings' next to the group or link you wish to edit.

How to use Random Questions?

You can enhance security and variety in your tests by randomly pulling questions from categories in your question bank.

With ClassMarker you can create tests with:

  • Fixed questions: Consistent questions every time.
  • A combination of fixed (consistent) and randomly-selected questions (varying every time).
  • Fully randomized questions: A different set of questions is displayed every time.

Tip: Combine random and fixed questions to give users consistent content with a fresh mix of questions each time they take a quiz. Add further customization by creating Question Bank categories with different levels of difficulty.

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Can I add multiple administrators?

Yes, ClassMarker's Assistant feature lets you assign multiple administrator roles with different access permissions. Permissions include:

Managing test results: View, grade, delete results. Reopen finished Tests
Managing Users: Group members, access lists.
Managing content: Questions, categories, themes, certificates, files, Webhooks, API keys, account payments.

By delegating specific tasks to different Assistants, you can streamline your workflow and reduce the workload on any single individual.

See: How to Create Assistants

How do I hand over my account to someone else?

For the main administrator account:

  1. Go to the "My account" page.
  2. Under "My details," update the username, password, name, and email.
  3. Provide the new details to the new administrator.

For assistant accounts:

  1. Only the main administrator can update an assistant’s username, email, and permissions.
  2. Assistants can change their own password under "My details" on their "My account" page.

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How to duplicate tests?

ClassMarker's allows you to duplicate Tests, questions, certificates, and assignment settings. Duplicate tests to make slight variations without affecting the original or to assign with different settings.

Duplicate a quiz:

  • To save time by reusing existing questions instead of creating from scratch.
  • For consistency: To ensure the core content remains the same while making necessary updates.
  • To tailor quizzes for different audiences or purposes.
  • To track and compare results by creating yearly or periodic versions of the same quiz.

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Can I create tests in multiple languages?

Yes, ClassMarker's has been built to accommodate the testing needs of all our users. That's why we offer a multilingual student & Test taker interface with language options.

English is our default Interface language but you can create your Tests in 25 supported languages.

Review our: Language options

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