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Quiz Results Graded Instantly

ClassMarker grades tests instantly and gives you access to detailed results reports and statistics. Analyze results by Group, Test, Category or User and export to ExcelTM. You can also sort your Results dynamically by Name, Percentage, Duration and Date.

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Looking for a Quiz maker with instant grading?

Flexible Grading Options

ClassMarker's online Quiz Maker allows you to manually grade Essay-style questions and the total test score will be recalculated automatically. Also, our Learning Management System gives you the flexibility to change a user's score or question value after the test has been taken. Add extra credit at your discretion.

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You and your Exam Invigilators can view a comprehensive range of statistics for each Test, Group and User, including test scores from highest to lowest, test completion time from fastest to slowest, and more.

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Export Quiz Results

After your give your online exams, easily store a copy of your Results offline. Export results reports to ExcelTM where you can sort and filter according to your reporting needs.

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Are tests automatically graded?

Yes. All questions (except essay questions) are automatically graded instantly. Essay questions can be manually graded - the overall score will be automatically calculated for you.

Can I edit grades manually?

Yes, you can manually change question grades and ClassMarker recalculates the total score automatically for you.

Can I download results reports?

Yes, you can export Test results to .CSV files, for offline viewing.

What kind of statistics do I get with test results?

You can view test scores from highest to lowest, test completion time from fastest to slowest, view detailed analytics over questions and answers.

For a full list of FAQs, go to our FAQ page.

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