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Certification Testing Software

Online Certification Testing can be required for many different reasons. Skills & Training Certifications, Product Certifications, Employee Promotions, Compliance Testing, AWS Certifications, Microsoft Certifications, Oracle Certifications and so on. It is important to have the best Certification Testing Software which is reliable and secure for your Users.

ClassMarker gives you everything you need to give your Tests and allow users to instantly Download your Custom Certificates, which will include their Name, Date and any other required information you need.

Certification Testing Software

Create Custom Certificates

ClassMarker has both Portrait and Landscape Certificate options available in A4, Letterhead and Wallet Sizes.

Customized Certificate Options:

Download our PDF Certificate Design Manual to send to your web designer which contains instructions on creating a custom background image for your Certificate.

Certificate Editor:

Certification Testing Software

Certificate Preview

How to Give Certification Exams

  1. Create your online Exam with
  2. Create your custom Certificate with
  3. Set the Test settings to give the Certificate when the exam is passed.
  4. Test Takers can download their Certification instantly.
  5. You can keep all Certifications in your account and export for offline access.
  6. Use Certificates with your Learning Management system (LMS).

Certification Testing Software

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Can I create Custom Portrait or Landscape Certificates?

Yes, you can also create Certificates in A4, Letter or Wallet sized certificates for onsite verification.

Can I add serial numbers to Certificates?

Yes, ClassMarker will add unique serial numbers or you can use your own custom serial numbers.

Can I add my own background image and logo to certificates?

Yes, you can fully customize your certificates and replace the ClassMarker default logo.

For a full list of FAQs, go to our FAQ page.

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