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It’s a new year and what better way to begin 2020, than with a way that will make your life easier! Do you currently create all of your Tests on paper or perhaps you’re looking to change your current online Testing platform?

Let us introduce to you - ClassMarker, the Best Online Quiz Maker in 2020!

What is ClassMarker? ClassMarker is an online Testing platform that has been around since 2006, way before online Testing was even that popular. That’s right, there is no cookie cutter website here that popped up when online Testing became big. ClassMarker was a well thought out process, taking into consideration what is truly required for giving and taking Tests.

ClassMarker came from a thought - the same thought we all have when we first go to search for a better quiz maker option. That thought is “There has to be a better way to create these Tests and have them graded instantly and accurately” This thought came from someone within the Education industry who was actually doing this same thing…on paper - dealing with Tests, grading paper after paper. From this thought, ClassMarker's online exam system came into existence in 2006, with a secure Testing platform that began removing frustration with an easy to use system for creating Tests and saving time with immediately graded results with 100% accuracy.

ClassMarker has continued to grow as the years go on and will continue doing so, to keep providing you with what you need and want in an online assessment tool.

What has remained the same in ClassMarker, since day 1? Let’s take a look at some crucial features that will always remain as they are.
  • Customer support 7 days a week
  • Secure and private Testing environment for both administrators and Test takers
  • Reliable and stable Testing system
  • Hosting on dedicated servers - no heads in the cloud here!
  • User-friendly interface
  • All features included that we offer, have always been included in all upgraded accounts.
  • Continuous development of new features
  • Refund policy
  • ClassMarker's online quiz pricing offers both Professional Plans and credit packs - only pay for what you use!
  • Variety of payment options
  • Your data is always yours! We don’t own it and we don’t want to, it’s yours!
  • You can remove data at anytime.
  • Plays well with others - Compatible on all browsers and devices
  • Our pretty cool ClassMarker team. Even with never closing and operating 24/7, we still have a humorous side - if you don't believe us, check out our educational but a bit on the lighter side ClassMarker Learn. It's full of tips on how to write a good Test, creating questions, and more!
  • And of course, our awesome customers

ClassMarker has always remained the same as for what is needed to ensure we can provide you a professional online Testing platform that will meet all of your Testing requirements, when you need to do so!

We have over the years however, updated and tweaked existing features, along with the continuous adding of new features and options. How do we decide this? You know those awesome customers we had mentioned? It’s all them (and our developers of course who are always hard at work implementing these requests)! ClassMarker does take all customer suggestions into consideration, because this feedback by those who do use our system, is what helps us to make improvements on ClassMarker. We are all about ensuring we continue to provide the best Test maker online!

Let’s check out some of the great features that offers:
  • Instantly graded quizzes
  • Accurate Results in real time
  • Variety of question types
  • Customizable certificates - portrait style, landscape style, wallet sized
  • IP restrictions
  • Add media to your Tests, including audio, video, images and documents
  • Sell your Tests - get paid instantly!
  • View Recent results (including those still in progress and that require grading), by Test, by group, by category, advanced question statistics
  • Reopen a quiz for users to go back into.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Anonymous Testing
  • Automatically email results to the administrator, assistants and Test-takers
  • Access Control
  • Full customization control of Tests and Test settings
  • Edits take affect immediately, for questions, Tests, settings, certificates, etc.
  • Importing/Exporting of questions
  • API/Webhooks Integration Options
  • Save and resume later, set a Test timer, number of attempts and much more!
  • Embed quiz into websites by using Links to assign your Tests
  • Optional grading and custom feedback during and after Test
  • Over-ride Test timers on an individual basis.
  • Fixed questions that always display, randomization of fixed questions or choose randomly selected questions that are pulled from the question bank.
  • Create Tests in multiple languages
  • Multiple language support for Test taker interface
  • Create unlimited questions and Tests
  • Register Test takers account with username and password when assigning Tests via Groups
  • Post Test links in emails, social media sites, blog, websites when using Links to give your Tests

The above features are just a few available online quiz options when creating Tests with ClassMarker.

To check out additional ClassMarker features, Register Here to begin using the top online quiz maker of 2020.

Happy Testing!

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