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Are you beginning to look at getting some new Tests ready for 2022?

If you are wanting to create an online quiz, there are many options for conducting your quizzes online.

Whether you are creating recruitment Tests, testing on new-hire training for employees, getting ready for exams for a new semester, or perhaps giving a feedback survey, ClassMarker has you covered.

ClassMarker's online quiz maker can include text, images, documents, audio, and video.

Mix and match different question types into your Test. You can display the same set of questions for all users or pull a random set of quiz questions from the question bank so each set of questions will be different for each user taking the Test.

Use various quiz settings to make the Test precisely as you need it to be. ClassMarker's Test settings include setting the number of attempts, selecting availability dates, adding Test timers.

Choose to save and resume later or have users complete the Test in one sitting.

Set up your Test so that users must answer all questions to continue, or answer each question correctly to continue or allow users to skip questions without answering.

You can make a Test with ClassMarker quickly and smoothly, utilizing ClassMarker's user-friendly platform.

What other online Testing options does ClassMarker offer, to create your own Tests?
  • Fully customizable certificates automatically generated upon Test completion
  • Multiple ways to view results - Export Results, Email Results, API/Webhook Integration options, view results in the administrator and assistant accounts.
  • Use Groups or Links for giving online exams.
  • Provide custom feedback during the Test and at the end of the Test.
  • Send results automatically by emailing results and certificates to Test takers

And many more features for you to use when creating Tests, exams, quizzes, questionnaires, assessments, and surveys.

Did you know? You can also sell online quizzes with ClassMarker? Yes, you can! It's simple to set up a charge for any Test you have created. In no time at all, your Test will be ready for purchasing!

Why use ClassMarker? It's reliable and stable. Private and secure. Professional. An abundance of quiz choices and features for customizing your Tests your way.

Seven days a week, friendly customer support and an outstanding development team that listens to your requests with continuous development going on to bring you all of the features you actually want!

Get started today with ClassMarker, the best quiz maker for Business and Education since 2006.

Register Here to begin and stay tuned because ClassMarker has a lot of new and exciting features coming in 2022!

Happy Testing!

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