Displaying Real Time Quiz Results with Feedback

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Once you have created your online Test, the next step is deciding what to display on the results pages that will show to your Test takers.

This step is just as important as the Test itself because you need to consider things such as how much data you want to show on the results page. Do you want to show only the percentage, percentage with custom feedback, detailed results that include all questions and answers, category results?

Do you want to only display a custom feedback message and nothing else or perhaps direct a user to a page on your website?

Determining what results to display for your automatically graded exams may also depend on if you are wanting the results to be for review for additional Tests you give, to use the results as a study aid or reference in which you may then want to include all questions and answers. Or, you may not want to show any results until all users have completed their Test.

With ClassMarker, there are many ways that you can customize the results page to show only what you choose. You have full control of what your Test takers will see upon Test completion.

Let's take a look at the specific options you can set for how results are displayed on-screen upon Test completion.

Instant Results Page Options:


Custom Feedback

Graded Questions:
- Reveal correct answers
- Display incorrect questions only

Results by Category

Now, with the above settings, you will simply need to check the boxes to include these options or leave unchecked so they do not appear on the results page.

You can check all of the above for detailed instant quiz grading and feedback, leave all unchecked if you do not want to display any results or combine only those you require. It is all up to you!

Let's look a bit further into the above options:

Points will only display the correct points received out of the total points available on the Test.

Percentage will be the overall percentage received.

Custom feedback can be any text you add, along with images, documents, audio and video.

Graded Questions will include all questions and answers.

Reveal correct answers will display the correct answer or answers (if using multiple response) for each question.

Display incorrect questions only will only show those questions that the Test taker has answered incorrectly.

Results by Category is a great option to display the percentage per each category.

Along with the above options, you can add additional details to the results page such as:
  1. Adding the 'certificate download link' if you have added a certificate to your Test. This enables users to download their certificate right from within their results page.
  2. Adding a redirect link to send your users elsewhere - maybe to a page that references further information on their Test or perhaps to a specific page on your website.
  3. You can enable a printing option for users to print their results or disable this so they cannot print these.
  4. You can also include Instant Feedback on your results page - this is feedback that you can add that will display during the Test for both correctly and incorrectly answered questions.

Will you be setting a passing mark on your Test? If so, you can choose to provide custom feedback for those that pass and those fail. This way, only those that pass will see feedback meant for them and the same for those that fail. This is a good idea if you are wanting to direct users who pass to a different location than those that fail.

Example; Those that pass, you direct them to your website and those that fail, you direct them back to the Test to take again.

Or, perhaps you are wanting to give multiple online quizzes in a specific order
and your Test takers can only move forward if they pass - on the results page for those that pass, you can add the link for the next Test and for those that fail the link for the previous Test or a message stating they will not be moving forward.

Do you want your Test takers to receive their instant results right on your own website? Choose ClassMarker's embed quiz in websites option to embed your Test right into your own web page. Your Test takers will take their Test and receive their results all without leaving your site.

While the choices are endless of how you can set your results pages up, the actual setting up is a very simple process.

Once you have assigned your Test, you would head over to your Test 'settings' page and in the bottom section 'Test Completion', you will find all of these great features for displaying real time quiz results with feedback.

Do you have the same Test you need to provide to different groups of users but you may need different results pages to show to each group? Not a problem with ClassMarker because you can assign the same Test to multiple Groups or Links (depending how you give your Tests) and apply different results page settings for each group of users.

Example; You may have 3 different schools or departments that you give the same Test to however, each one requires different feedback on their results page and maybe a different custom certificate for each one. All you would need to do is assign your Test again and set up your Results pages according to each group's requirements.

Along with providing instant results on-screen, you can send results instantly using our 'Email results' option. This provides even more ways to provide Test takers with instant Test results.

With the Email results option, you can display results instantly upon Test completion and/or have results sent via email.

One example of using both of these together - displaying results instantly on-screen and having their results sent is, if you have users doing a Test at different times and you may not want to display all graded questions immediately in risk of these being shared with users who have yet to take their Tests - You can choose to only show their percentage for example and then once all of the Tests have been completed, manually send each user's full detailed Test report or have these sent automatically on a specific date.

It's all up to you!

ClassMarker is a flexible, feature filled online Testing tool for displaying online quiz results with a user-friendly inteface. Once you try it, you will wonder how you managed without it.

Your Test takers will thank you as well. All they have to do, to receive their results, is complete their Test and their results will be availble to them immediately.

Happy Testing!

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