The Role of Exam Invigilators

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The job of an Exam Invigilator is a very important one. They are tasked with overseeing those users who are taking exams. They will ensure only those who should be taking the exam are. They will ensure there is no cheating going on during the examination. They need to pay attention to time limits, if only a certain amount of time is given. Exam Invigilators will provide those taking Tests with the required materials and Test Access information, in order to begin and complete their Tests.

In order to prepare for online exam invigilation, the exam platform you are using must be able to be set up in such a way that these invigilators are able to provide users with the Test and Test access quickly and easily, upon arriving. The last thing you want is for Test takers waiting to do a Test while things get sorted out, because there is confusion on how to get to the Test, how they then login to the Test, and where they go from there.

Invigilating exams with ClassMarker is an Exam Invigilator’s dream! It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
  1. Provide all users with the same Test link
  2. Provide each user with their own individual, unique access code
  3. Users Begin!

After users have entered their access code and any required information (optional first name, last name and/or email address) they can be guided through the entire examination process, from Start to Finish. Starting with instructions on-screen (that have been included in the Test making process) prior to starting their Test right through to the end of their Test, with customized feedback that can direct users what to do next, upon Test completion.

How do you prepare your Tests for Exam Invigilators, with ClassMarker’s quiz maker with proctoring?

Whether you are using Exam Invigilators, externally outside of your organization or from within, you as the administrator, can add these Invigilators as Assistants to your account. Provide Invigilators with their own login details and set specific account permissions. With Exam Invigilator instructions, they can easily assist in such tasks as making exams available when required. Then, they can monitor the exams as users are taking them.

Exam Invigilators can also perform other tasks as an Assistant (if permissions are set), to set time limits on Tests. No need to watch the clock, because with ClassMarker, the timer will begin automatically when the Test is started and stop when the time is up.

With a timer set, even if users were to try and close out of their Test, the timer will still continue to count down. ClassMarker has put this in place to stop exam cheating, by users trying to gain more time.

If there are unforeseen circumstances, such as a computer crash, internet connection issue, you can send the user back to the same Test link , if within approximately 20 minutes of no activity and they can continue right where they had left off. (As stated above, the timer will continue to count down).

There may be times as well, that you or the exam invigilator will need to reopen a quiz for one student or over-ride a time limit. This can easily be accomplished simply by going into that user’s individual results page.

For the most part, when Tests are taken in an exam invigilation centre, results are not displayed immediately upon Test completion. With ClassMarker, you have full control over what displays to users. You can display score, percentage, graded questions, category results, custom feedback and more. If, however, results are not to be displayed, it’s your choice! Instead, you can have a simple Thank you for taking this Test or an additional message advising users of what to do next. These could be instructions that Test-takers must remain in the room until the exam invigilator advises otherwise, a message as to when results will be received and how - anything you choose to add, upon Test completion.

Exam Invigilators play a key role, when it comes to giving Tests and examinations. Equip them with ClassMarker, the best online examination system - our Test Links and Access List restrictions are designed for giving exams at Testing venues.

Register Here to start using ClassMarker today and let the Testing begin!

Happy Testing!

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