How to Make Quizzes Online

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Creating quizzes does not have to be a frustrating task. It can be quite enjoyable if you get creative with building your quizzes. It can also be rather rewarding to know that you have built a quiz that individuals are going to learn and benefit from.

You can provide a quiz to your users that is both engaging and informative. Add a mix of different question types, learning materials that can include images, documents, audio and video. Apply different settings, add certificates, custom feedback to add a bit more of a personal touch for your users. There are a variety of options to fully customize your quiz.

Let's take a look at How to Make Quizzes Online!

How to Make Quizzes Online:
  1. From your Tests page click on New Test
  2. Name the Test
  3. Click on Start Adding Questions
  4. Select Fixed questions or Randomly Selected Questions to begin adding new questions
  5. On the question 'edit' page, choose a question type (multiple choice, matching, essay, free text and more)
  6. Add question text and any optional learning materials (audio, video, images, documents)
  7. Add answer options and choose which will be correct
  8. Add optional custom feedback for both correct and incorrect answers
  9. Select question category You can add the new question to an existing category or create a new one.
  10. Set the point value
  11. Preview and Save your question
  12. Continue adding additional questions to your quiz
  13. Click Assign to select between Groups and Links
  14. Name the assigned Group or Link
  15. Apply Test settings, such as time set, attempts, restrictions, feedback, emailing results and more
  16. Click Assign at bottom of page to save settings

You and your co-workers are now ready for users to begin taking your quizzes! Yes, with ClassMarker, you can include other members of your team to assist with the online quiz management by adding them as Assistants.

Some other benefits of making quizzes online with ClassMarker:
  • We provide a secure, stable quiz making tool that hosts all data on dedicated servers. Not in the cloud!
  • Your data remains in your account, even if it expires.
  • Access your account to view, add, edit and more, at anytime, from any device that you happen to be, from anywhere that you are
  • Working after hours and need some help? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Multiple options to allow you to fully customize your quizzes
  • Create free quizzes for your users and sell quizzes that you will be paid instantly for.
  • Quizzes graded instantly
  • Results available immediately for both completed quizzes and those still in progress
  • Both those giving quizzes and taking quizzes can receive detailed results via email.
  • Create unlimited questions and quizzes
  • Analyze detailed statistics for quizzes taken by an individual and for groups of users.

ClassMarker is the number one choice when you need to make online quizzes!

Register today for a free quiz maker trial that includes all upgraded features. No credit card details required. Only your thoughts and creativity are needed!

Happy Testing!

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