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LMS, otherwise known as 'Learning Management Solution', is used for administering, tracking, and reporting for both Education and Business purposes. The ClassMarker LMS does just that.

With ClassMarker's LMS quiz maker for Business and Education, you can create and administer your Tests, exams, questionnaires, assessments, surveys, and quizzes.

The grading of Test results happens even as the Test is still in progress. So not only can you view results upon Test completion, but you can track quiz performance for those still in progress.

Quiz results graded are instant, with 100% accuracy.

There are multiple ways to view and analyze results:
  • Recent results, including Tests still in progress and Tests that require grading.
  • View results by Test.
  • View results by group.
  • View results by category.
  • Analyze advanced quiz question statistics.
  • Export results to Excel to sort and filter results as needed

For training and education, you can create online quizzes with an LMS quiz maker. A must-have feature includes adding learning materials. With ClassMarker's LMS Test maker, you can add images, documents, audio, and video.

Embed LMS quizzes into your own website. There are no technical skills needed. Copy the iFrame code provided by ClassMarker and paste this into your web page. All you need to do is direct users to the URL within your site, where the Test is embedded.

You can also brand quizzes, by adding in your own company logos, background images and customizing buttons and links to match that of your own website!

If you have specific Tests you wish to sell, no worries! ClassMarker's quiz maker LMS can do this too! Check a couple of charge for quizzes options after assigning your Test, and you are ready to go, to receive Test payments immediately.

Additional advantages of using ClassMarker's learning management solution:
  • Secure and private
  • Reliable and stable
  • Hosted on dedicated servers
  • Compatible on most browsers and devices. These include common web browsers, operating systems and smart devices.
  • Create LMS quizzes in multiple languages
  • Your data is your own and always will be yours.
  • You can remove your data anytime.
  • Email results to Test takers immediately after Test completion, set a specific date/time to send results, manually send per individual from user results pages.
  • API/WebHook Integration options.
  • Post your Test links into blogs, websites, emails, social media sites and more.
  • With ClassMarker's quiz LMS create a custom certificate with auto-generated unique serial numbers.
  • Make edits and changes easily which take effect immediately to Tests, questions, certificates, settings, etc.

..And the list goes on!

It's a new year! When it comes to Testing, make one of your New Year's resolutions to have more security, privacy, stability and reliability for your online Testing requirements, thus giving you ease and peace of mind for your organization and those taking your Tests.

ClassMarker is the best LMS quiz maker for quizzes for 2022.

Register Here to check out what ClassMarker can offer you, you won't be disappointed!

Happy Testing!

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