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Each person has their preference as to the type of device, operating system and browser they like to use. Regardless of which one you choose - one thing you hope for is that all of your favorite apps and programs work on your desired operating system. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, we have to go without while awaiting the day that, that one app is finally available! If these apps are for recreational use, we can generally afford to wait.

What happens, though, if it’s something that is a crucial part of your Business, such as Quiz maker computer software? Most companies and schools are not going to go out and replace an entire building with new devices and operating systems. They will, with hesitation, try to look for something else that runs on their existing systems.

Online Testing - this is a platform that you really do need available on all operating systems, browsers, and devices. Why is this so important? Even if you have the same systems in your office that can run a certain platform, you have Test takers that could be anywhere in the world taking your Tests, on multiple different systems and devices. You need to ensure that these users can access the platform that you are giving your Tests on.

Could you imagine having that one employee you are looking for and they will fit your company perfectly, but unfortunately, they can’t take your recruitment or pre-employment Tests, due to them not having a specific device. Or that one student that is taking classes from home and they cannot complete their final exam due to their operating system not being the one you may have.

ClassMarker is not only an extremely stable and reliable online Testing platform that can handle thousands of Tests being taken at any given time (without issue we may add) but it’s very adaptable.

With ClassMarker's Exam maker computer software for Mac, your users can take their exams on any type of device!

Operating Systems Compatibility:
ClassMarker is compatible on all operating systems including Mac OS, IOS, Windows, Android, Linux.

Device Compatibility:
The ClassMarker system can be used on any type of device, such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Chrome Book, all smart devices.

Browser Compatibility:
Tests can be created and taken on any browser. These include; Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and more. We do recommend however, keeping your browser updated with the latest version.

ClassMarker Quiz Maker
No Software Installation
With ClassMarker’s quiz maker computer software for Windows, there are no downloads for you to worry about. A reliable internet connection, along with an up to date web-browser (with Javascript and cookies enabled) is all you need to give and take Tests, anywhere and anytime!

With no downloads or updates to concern yourself with, you do not have to think about how much storage space you have either. Let's face it, not everyone has 228GB of space on their mobile devices. We don’t want you having to remove some of your favorite pictures, videos, music or other applications in order to use our system so we've made it so you don't have to!

Test Results
Let's not forget about Test results. Depending on how many users you are Testing, you could end up with thousands of results. These will not take up space on your device either, because these are all stored safely and securely within your account. You can however, export these to have offline copies of, have results emailed to yourself and others within your organization and use our API/Webhooks integration options to have results sent back to your own system. You can also delete data at anytime from within your account.

Whether you are creating and giving Tests or taking Tests, you are looking to the final outcome, which are your results. Test results can be viewed on any computer with an internet connection, using ClassMarker's Test maker computer software for Linux.

Register Here to begin using ClassMarker today, from any operating system on any device, using any browser.

Happy Testing!

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