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When looking for an online quiz platform, the first things that people tend to look for are the features used, to create Quizzes. This is great, however, there is one feature that you don’t fully get to experience until your users begin taking their Quizzes.


Having a reliable quiz maker is an absolute must have!

Let’s face it, any type of Test can be stressful. For you, as the creator of the Test - you have spent the time creating the perfect Test and once completed, you want to ensure your users will have the best possible Test taking experience. For your users - they are also giving their time to take your Test. They should be focusing on the Test itself.

What happens however when the system is not reliable? Users lose focus on the Test and instead are spending their time on trying to keep the Test going and in doing so becoming frustrated. Their focus moves away from the Test altogether.

You need to consider the stability of exams you give. It is very important that exams are always online.

A quiz maker with stability is needed for Test takers who may for example; only have a 30 minute window to take their exam in. With timed Tests - If the system users are Testing on is not stable and timers are still counting down, this will hugely impact the Test taker’s final results. Not to mention, having to deal with this while taking their Test.

You may have candidates applying for a position within your company. If users begin having issues due to an unreliable Testing service, they may not complete their assessments or just get so frustrated and just forget the whole thing. One of those users experiencing this may have just been the best qualified person for that position!

Maybe you are providing a questionnaire to your customers to gain feedback about a product or service within your organization. If the questionnaire you are providing to them is not working so well, this will reflect on the feedback you are trying to gain.

How about for a quiz embedded into a website? Or quizzes that are customized with your own branding? If the quiz maker you are using is not reliable, this will make people think that the brand using it, is not as well!

You cannot rely on a service that does not have a reliable hosting solution. You need the most reliable quiz maker online. This is why ClassMarker is hosted on a load balanced set up that covers multiple points of failure to ensure uptime.

What is our uptime, you might ask? We can proudly say that ClassMarker uptime is over 99.9%. ClassMarker’s dedicated servers are kept under 50% storage capacity and under 30% load capacity to ensure traffic spikes do not disrupt service.

ClassMarker is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitoring is performed by our hosting solution, who have some of the quickest response times in the industry. We also have a third party monitoring service that monitors ClassMarker every 5 minutes. And last but certainly not least, our brilliant Engineers who are on call 24/7.

ClassMarker’s top priority is to ensure we continue providing (as we have done since 2006) a Testing solution that is both secure and reliable, for those creating Tests and those taking Tests. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a reliable and secure quiz maker.

ClassMarker has been built with reliability in mind. This means we also have measures in place, if a Test taker were to, for example; lose their internet connection or have a browser/computer crash. Please feel free to Contact Us for more information on how your Test takers can make sure on their end, they are ready to go!

Whether you are giving a quiz to one or thousands of Test takers at one time, you need a secure and reliable quiz maker that can handle it.

ClassMarker provides to both the Business and Education markets. Our Clients have performed their own ClassMarker review to understand our services are both secure and reliable for their strict business and education standards.

Register today with ClassMarker, for a fully featured, 30 day trial. Experience for yourself why ClassMarker is the most reliable online Testing solution available!

Happy Testing!

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