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ClassMarker is the secure and reliable, remote online Testing platform used by both Businesses and Educators. We've been operating since 2006. You can create Tests immediately upon registering.

Just because users take Tests online, this doesn't mean that they will all be tech-savvy. It's one thing if you are in the same room with a user if they run into issues, but what if they are at home and you are somewhere else? You want your users who are taking Tests to have a seamless and secure Testing experience, especially when taking Tests from home. With ClassMarker's remote learning tool, there are no downloads!

You do not need to send your users complicated instructions on how to download the software or confirm if they have the required hardware requirements. ClassMarker is web-based, which means they can take Tests on any device, using any operating system, from any modern browser. They do not require anything special to use our system. It's as simple as going to their favorite social media site!

ClassMarker takes security and privacy very seriously! This includes not only student data, but all data added by an administrator. Students cannot see other student's data; the only person who can access a student's data is themselves or the account administrator/instructor who set their Test.

All student data can be edited or removed from ClassMarker at any time by the account administrator/instructor.

ClassMarker's online distance learning quiz maker also does not require student identifiable information to be added. The administrator/instructor can use alternate identifiers if they wish, such as "Student One" rather than the actual name if preferred.

ClassMarker uptime is over 99.9%. ClassMarker’s dedicated servers are kept under 50% storage capacity and under 30% load capacity to ensure traffic spikes do not disrupt service.

ClassMarker is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitoring is performed by our hosting solution, who have some of the quickest response times in the industry. We also have a third-party monitoring service that monitors ClassMarker every 5 minutes.

ClassMarker can handle thousands upon thousands of Tests taken at any one time!

ClassMarker also has measures in place for loss of internet and browser/computer crashes, so that your users will still be able to continue with their Testing, if they do experience these issues with their internet connection or computer related problem.

ClassMarker provides the essentials you will require, along with features you desire, to create fully customized exams, just the way you want them!

Additional virtual learning features that ClassMarker offers for creating your quizzes online:
  • Add learning materials. Include audio, video, images, documents.
  • Full control on what displays on user results pages. Include score, percentage, graded questions, only incorrectly answered questions, results by category, customized feedback. Customized feedback can display during after Tests.
  • Access Control. Limit the number of attempts and restrict Test access to only those who you want to be taking your Quizzes
  • Save and Resume Later. Save and resume later will enable users to save Test progress and then continue at a later time, right where they had left off.
  • Provide unlimited practice quizzes for free.
  • View results in real time for both completed Quizzes and those that are still in progress.
  • Auto-generated certificates that can be customized with your own branding, auto generated serial numbers, test taker names, scores and Test dates added automatically, additional text fields, signature, and more.
  • Set up users with a Test taker account with username and password
  • Assign Tests via Links and include these links in emails, paste the Test links into web pages, blogs, social media sites or embed Tests into your own website.
  • For multiple accounts that include the same questions and Tests, you can export/import questions/Tests into other administrator accounts.
  • Set time limits, availability dates, passmark, set number of questions per page and many additional features for how you give your Tests.

These are just a few of the beneficial options that ClassMarker offers, for giving online Tests taken anytime, anywhere!

How to give exams remotely
  1. Register an account with
  2. Start Creating your exams
  3. Assign your Exams to be taken
  4. Send you Test takers Instruction for Access thing exams
  5. User can take their exams, and you can then view graded results instantly in ClassMarker

Register Here and see how easy it is, to begin online Testing!

Happy Testing!

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