Restricting Quiz Access with Access Codes

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Access Codes are unique items included in an Access List which are given out to individuals in order to gain access to something. Typically, this is to gain entry to some type of online platform or access to a product once a purchase has been completed. If you have ever purchased something online or signed up for something, more than likely you were then given some type of code to be provided access.

How can Access Lists be beneficial when giving online Tests, Exams and Quizzes?

Online Tests can include sensitive information only meant for certain individuals. For these types of Tests, an Access List will provide you with peace of mind that only those who should have access, do have access.

With ClassMarker, if you assign Tests via Links, an Access List will ensure that you are providing access to only those users who you want to be taking your Test. An Access List will also ensure the number of attempts you set per user per Test.

Perhaps you want to send the Test link in an email, paste the direct Test link into a web page or onto your company Facebook page but it’s only meant for your employees. Or, even if the Test is embedded into your website - you want your users to have easy access to the Test by sharing it with them via one of the above mentioned options however you do want to restrict that the Test is only available to those people. ClassMarker’s Access List will do the trick!

You can easily create a Quiz with Access Codes using ClassMarker!

With an Access List, you will create the access codes that are added to your Access List. This means you have full control over what you want your Access List to consist of. You may want to ask users for their employee id’s, email address, student id number or some other unique identifier - whatever you wish these codes to be, you can create them with ClassMarker.

Add Access Codes automatically using API requests.
You can also integrate your system seamlessly with ClassMarker by having your system add Access codes to your Access lists.

For example: A user may register on your site, and you can send a unique code to ClassMarker to add to your access list. You can then also give this unique code to your User and the Link to start their exam. Now they can securely access your exam.

Learn how to Add Access Codes via API requests to restrict quiz access.

Access List Features:
  • Access codes can consist of any alpha-numeric string
  • Access codes can be up to 255 characters in length.
  • Include up to 20,000 Access Codes per Access List.
  • Duplicated Access Codes automatically removed - the ClassMarker system will detect these and ensure duplicates are not added.
  • Optional setting to automatically remove Access codes once used.
  • You select how Access Codes are displayed - alphabetically or reverse alphabetical
  • Search Access codes that match text entered by 'exact match' or ''contain text'.
  • To keep an offline copy, export Access Lists that contain all Access Codes in a list.
  • Quickly delete all Access Codes in a particular Access List
  • Easily remove individual Access Codes
  • Create your own customized Access question
  • Use the same Access List across multiple Tests or use a different Access List per each Test Link. It's entirely up to you!
  • View dates when Access Codes were added

Are you selling Quizzes online? There may be times when you want to have one Quiz set up to be charged at full price and another one that is free or at a discounted price - an Access List is great for this as well. For the Quiz link you have set to be free or discounted, you can apply an Access List to it and provide Access codes to only those who you want to take advantage of these particular discounted Quiz links.

You can name your Access Codes anything you choose, such as promo codes, discounted codes, coupon codes. When you create coupon codes by using an Access List, because you can customize your Access List question, you can have your question be something such as "Please enter your coupon code below" or "You must enter your discounted code in order to proceed". This question can be catered to fit what your Access List pertains to.

Maybe you have Tests set up for Recruitment and New Trainee Hiring - you may want the potential applicants to only have access to the Recruitment Test so you may not set any Access List up on that one. If they pass the Recruitment Test and you wish for them to move forward, you could then provide them an Access Code to all New Trainee Tests you have available. This is where having the same Access List across multiple Tests would work. With one Access code, you are giving acess to several Tests at one time. No need for a user to remember 7 different Access codes for 7 different Tests.

Or, maybe you only want to give access after they have completed a previous Test. You could then set up a different Access List per each link. This will ensure they cannot take the next Test until given the Access code for that specific Test.

You can also choose to automatically add Access Codes to certificates. This will benefit those who want to show verification on a certificate.

There are many possibilities of how you can make Access Lists work for you. Due to the flexibility of ClassMarker 's Access Lists, you can customize these to meet your Testing requirements.

Begin by registering for your free 30-day, full featured, no strings attached trial today. See how easily you can create a Quiz and restrict Quiz Access with Access Codes.

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Happy Testing!

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