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ClassMarker has been implementing a lot of new features and bringing in updates this year. One of these new built-in features is the ability to archive quiz questions.

Why would you need to archive questions?

Just like within your physical space, things can pile up. You still need these items, but perhaps not right then. Having all those files and papers mixed in with your current workload would be a huge mess. Before long, these will get mixed, making for absolute chaos. The same can happen within your digital space. It would be best to store things you may not be using right now but wish to access later.

When creating online assessments, Tests, exams, questionnaires - all of these can lead to hundreds, if not thousands of questions. This can be due to no longer using certain questions or maybe you have duplicated questions to update that version but wish to keep the original. The point is, you will have the Questions you will be using, and the Questions you will not.

How to Create Quizzes and track different versions of questions

If questions are not included in a Test:
  1. Go to your Question Bank page
  2. Under the question, click on Archive

If questions are included in a Test:
  1. Go to the Edit Test page
  2. Under the question, click on Remove from Test
  3. Go to your Question Bank page
  4. Under the question, click on Archive

How do you know if a question is included in a Test?

If you attempt to archive a question, a message will display to let you know that it is being used in one or more of your Tests. You can simply use the 'Used In' Link underneath that question to display all Tests the question is being used in.

Archived Questions will not be given in new Test attempts, however, results with archived Questions will still be available for previously taken Tests.

On the Question Bank page, filter options are included to search out specific questions. You can filter questions for active and archived questions.
  • Filter by Status: All, Used, Unused: Display all questions, questions that are used in a Test, questions that are not currently used in a Test.
  • Filter by Question Type: Display all questions or by question type (multiple choice, matching, true/false, and more)
  • Filter by Category: Display all questions, filter questions by category you have sorted questions into.
  • Search Term: Search by text. This will display all questions including that text.

How do you restore archived questions to give in exams again?

Archived Questions can be restored at any time.
  1. Go to your Question Bank page
  2. Under the question, click on Restore

Now, the question is back in your active questions list again, ready to be added to any Test.

ClassMarker enables you to archive and unarchive questions with ease.

Register Here and begin using ClassMarker's secure and reliable Testing platform, trusted by those in Education and Business, since 2006.

Happy Testing!

From all of us here at ClassMarker - Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Best Wishes for the upcoming new year!

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