What Quiz Options Can I Set?

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All Tests require different settings to be applied. One Test may need a time limit; certain restrictions to be used regarding how a user can access the Test. An exam may require the need for a certificate given upon completion. A quiz may require displaying feedback and grading while a user is completing their quiz. ClassMarker's online quiz maker will enable you to apply all of these settings and then some!

Each Test, quiz, exam, questionnaire, or assessment you give will more than likely require the ability to add different
quiz options, depending on your Testing requirements.

Let's take a look at some of the options ClassMarker has available.

You have just created and assigned your Test. You are now ready to apply quiz options. What's available?
  • Availability: Set a start date/time and end date/time when users can enter the Test. Check 'Available' to make the Test always available. Unavailable will ensure no users can enter the Test.
  • Attempts: Set the number of attempts per user. Choose one attempt, specify a specific number, or set it to unlimited.
  • Restrictions: Restrict access to quizzes. When using Links, set a common password for all users. Or, apply an access list to provide each user with an access code to ensure that only those who should have access do, along with securing the number of attempts. Using groups, users will be given login details that include a username and password, to access their Tests.
  • Price: Sell your Tests! (this is optional). Set the Test price, customize instructions, add your organization details. Users will be directed instantly to the Test upon payment completion. You receive the payment immediately. Choose which Tests to give for free and which ones to charge for.
  • Language: Choose the language the Test taker interface will be in. You can also choose a different language for the interface for specific individuals. Create Tests in several languages.
  • Test Introduction: Request information such as first name, last name and email address. Collect information such as demographics details, employee/student information to include on results and certificates.
  • Instructions: Choose to display Test guidelines based on the settings you have chosen. You can also enter your custom instructions.
  • Time Limit: Set a timer on the Test. The timer will display during the Test and when this runs out, the Test will automatically be submitted.
  • Resume Later: Allows Test takers to save Test progress during the Test to resume at a later time. If you do not apply this online quiz tool setting, users will need to finish the Test in one sitting.
  • Theme: Only available when using Links. This allows you brand your Tests with your own company logos.
  • Number of questions per page: Choose the number of questions to display per each Test page.
  • Randomize: Randomize fixed questions (fixed questions are the same questions that always display in the Test) ClassMarker also offers the option to randomly select questions from your question bank. You can also randomize answers in multiple choice questions.
  • Answers: Require that users must answer all questions to complete the Test or Auto-Finish a Test if users answer a question incorrectly. You can also choose question grading and feedback during the Test and/or reveal correct answers. Allow users to go back to previous Test pages to review/change answers. Enable/disable browser spell checking.
  • Results Page: Choose what displays on user results pages, such as score, percentage, grading, reveal correct answers, display only incorrect questions only, category results, custom feedback.
  • Pass Mark Feedback: Set a passing mark (optional). If no passing mark, custom feedback will display to all users who take the Test. If a pass mark is entered, choose custom feedback for those who pass and those who fail.
  • Return Link: Add a return link for all users if no passing mark is applied. Or, enter a different return link for both those that pass and those that fail. Direct users to your website or anywhere else!
  • Webhooks: Have results sent back to your system in real-time. We also offer API integration options.
  • Certificates: Apply a customized certificate for users to download upon test completion. If you email results, the certificate download link will also be included in the emailed results. Add a certificate for all who take the Test or only those who have passed.
  • Email Results: Email exam results automatically to Test-takers. Have results sent to Administrators/Assistants upon each user's Test completion. Choose what displays on results pages, add your custom feedback, and set to send results immediately or select a specific date/time for sending.
  • Printing, Copy, Paste: Enable/disable printing, copying of text, disable pasting text. You can also disable browser text translation services.

With ClassMarker, you can use a variety of online Testing and exam features to customize your Tests fully.

Register Here and start using the #1 online quiz maker, trusted by Educators and Business Professionals world-wide, since 2006!

Happy Testing!

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