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Since 2006, many of the world's leading enterprises, businesses, teachers and educators have relied on ClassMarker to deliver exams, tests, and quizzes securely and reliably with full trust in our GDPR, CCPA and NY Ed compliance and fast customer support.

Our flexible features mean that every organization, from small businesses to large corporations, from local schools to major educational institutions, can create, edit, and administer all kinds of tests tailored to their needs.

Examples are training tests, pre-employment assessments, online certifications & compliance, recruitment, health & safety quizzes, school tests, university exams, distance learning, online courses, E-Learning, and self-learning, to name a few.

They also enjoy API access and webhooks for seamless integration with ClassMarker


From pre-employment assessments to hiring the best developers to deliver world-class training, our technology clients trust ClassMarker as their customizable exam tool that delivers the best results.


Our education clients use ClassMarker to create exceptional learning experiences, especially as they are eligible for K12 discounts. They also value ClassMarker's 508 compliance and how it works seamlessly with screen readers and magnifiers.

Media and Entertainment

Clients in this fast-paced industry love our flexible features that allow them to recruit the best candidates as well as keep their employees up-to-date on the latest technologies and areas for improvement. They also appreciate ClassMarker's free support to everyone, even free account holders.


Our finance clients appreciate our GDPR, CCPA and NY Ed compliance so they can create exams and quizzes safe in the knowledge that all their sensitive data is private.

Health and community

Transport and Automotive

Consumer products




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