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ClassMarker makes it easy for you to analyze results with features like automatic exam grading and exam statistics by user, question, answer accuracy, and qualitative data such as survey answers.

Results information helps you identify areas for improvement, enhance learning, and build exam takers' confidence.

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Quickly analyze results with ClassMarker's powerful features:

  • Scores are displayed in points and percentages.
  • Customized feedback.
  • View automatically graded questions with correct/incorrect answers.
  • View results by category.
  • View survey results (non-graded answers).
  • Enable test users to download certificates when applicable.
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Create downloadable PDF certificates

Boost confidence and pride in your test takers with certificates of achievement upon exam completion, or only if the user passes the test.

ClassMarker’s fully editable certificate templates allow you to automatically include unique serial numbers, course ID, employee ID, department, name, score, and more.

These templates are ideal for industry certification, medical, health & safety, and various other fields.

Choose from these sizes:

  • A4 certificates
  • Letterhead certificates
  • Wallet size certificates
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How do I view my test takers' results?

You can view and analyze the results directly from the specific test page or in your Recent Results section.

View your results by group, test, link, category or user. ClassMarker also allows you to export results as CSV files so you can analyze results in Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet programs.

How do I create a certificate?

You can easily create PDF certificates for any of your tests. Choose to display the test user's name, score, test name, etc., which is dynamically added to each certificate issued. You can also have custom information dynamically added to your certificates, such as employee ID, serial number, etc., depending on any optional extra intro questions you choose.

Finally, you can choose between issuing certificates to all test users who complete your tests or only to those who achieve a pre-set score.

What guarantee does ClassMarker provide?

We know you'll fall in love with ClassMarker because of the time and energy you save in creating tests and grading - you'll never again worry about how to give online exams.

However, if you decide ClassMarker is not for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do you offer a trial so I can test your features?

Absolutely! Go here to create your account now and get 30 days to make an unlimited number of tests.

Registration is easy and takes less than a minute. Plus, no credit card details are necessary!

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