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Anonymity is very important, especially online! There are many reasons, as to why you may not want to ask others for their personal information such as their name, when creating anonymous surveys.

With ClassMarker, asking for name and email address is optional. You can ask for users to provide first name, last name and/or email address or you can choose to not record personal information, such as names and email addresses. You can also choose to not record the user's IP address.

Once the results are in, you can export survey data to Excel where you can then sort and filter the data as needed.

Types of survey data that you may want to keep as anonymous:
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Age
  • Education
  • Any sensitive type information
  • Employee Feedback

Users taking these surveys may find it uncomfortable to answer certain questions if their name is attached. If these are anonymous however, answers tend to be truthful responses so you get honest, real feedback. This is the reason for giving the survey in the first place!

ClassMarker’s anonymous survey maker is completely web based. Your users can easily take the surveys on their favorite browsers on their computers, phones and tablets, without any installations required.

If you have other questions, such as demographics you wish to ask that you do not want to include in your survey, you can do so by adding Extra Information questions. You can add up to 5 questions prior to your survey starting. You can set them as optional or mandatory. The data collected within these questions will also be included in the Excel report.

Your surveys can be quickly sent in emails, direct links to your surveys posted into websites, blog posts, social media sites, and more. There is also the option to embed surveys right into your own web pages. Make the surveys fully customized by adding in your own company branding.

How to make anonymous surveys :
  1. After assigning your survey to a link, go to the Test 'settings' page
  2. Under the heading Test Introduction, go to User Info
  3. Be sure to uncheck the boxes beside first name, last name, email address, for the information you do not want to record
  4. Save changes at bottom of page

If using Groups to give surveys, Tests, exams and questionnaires, you can also keep the identity of your users private by using pseudonyms.

How to NOT track user's IP address on surveys:
  1. After assigning survey, go to the Test 'settings' page
  2. Under the heading Test Access, click on Advanced to expand options.
  3. Uncheck box next to IP address
  4. Save Changes at bottom of page

Register Here and begin protecting your user's individual privacy in surveys, by using ClassMarker's anonymous online survey tool.

Happy Testing!

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