HOW TO - Change Quiz Settings

Fri 22nd Jan 2021

When you apply settings to a Test, Quiz, or Exam, there will be times that you need to make changes to these settings. You may need to change the attempts allowed, the time limit, how results display, if certificates will be applied, and more.

Changing quiz settings with ClassMarker is quick and straightforward. These changes take effect immediately

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HOW TO - Use Coupon Codes when Charging for Exams

Wed 6th Jan 2021

When selling exams, there may be times you wish to provide a discount. You may want to continue having the full price set but offer a discount to specific users. With ClassMarker, you can achieve this by creating quiz discount codes.

How to create coupon codes when selling Tests:

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Track Different Versions of Questions

Sun 20th Dec 2020

ClassMarker has been implementing a lot of new features and bringing in updates this year. One of these new built-in features is the ability to archive quiz questions.

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Online Homework Exams and Quizzes

Mon 20th Jul 2020

Are you looking for an easy to use, yet feature-packed online quiz platform? Look no further! ClassMarker offers a user-friendly system that you can use immediately and some pretty cool (and useful of course) options to customize your online homework Exams, Quizzes, Assessments, and Tests. You get the idea - if you have questions to give, no matter the type of Testing, create it with ClassMarker.

First, let's talk about security and stability.

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Remote Online Testing

Mon 16th Mar 2020

ClassMarker is the secure and reliable, remote online Testing platform used by both Businesses and Educators. We've been operating since 2006. You can create Tests immediately upon registering.

Just because users take Tests online, this doesn't mean that they will all be tech-savvy. It's one thing if you are in the same room with a user if they run into issues, but what if they are at home and you are somewhere else? You want your users who are taking Tests to have a seamless and secure Testing experience, especially when taking Tests from home. With ClassMarker's remote learning tool, there are no downloads

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Quiz Maker for Compliance and Training

Sat 29th Feb 2020

Compliance training is serious business! When giving compliance quizzes for employees, it’s a must that you have a secure, private and professional platform to train and quiz your employees with.

Security and privacy is of the utmost importance to ClassMarker and Testing is our business

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How to Create Question Categories

Fri 21st Feb 2020

Categories are used every day on so many different levels. Without even realizing it and by habit, most of us are placing things into categories each day. Without categories to place items into, let's face it, our lives would be a mess.

Categories place a major part in online quizzes. Categories are used to place questions into, not only for the purpose of sorting but also for the purpose of analyzing results statistics per category.

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The Role of Exam Invigilators

Mon 10th Feb 2020

The job of an Exam Invigilator is a very important one. They are tasked with overseeing those users who are taking exams. They will ensure only those who should be taking the exam are. They will ensure there is no cheating going on during the examination. They need to pay attention to time limits, if only a certain amount of time is given. Exam Invigilators will provide those taking Tests with the required materials and Test Access information, in order to begin and complete their Tests.

In order to prepare for online exam invigilation, the exam platform you are using must be able to be set up in such a way that these invigilators are able to provide users with the Test and Test access quickly and easily, upon arriving. The last thing you want is for Test takers waiting to do a Test while things get sorted out, because there is confusion on how to get to the Test, how they then login to the Test, and where they go from there.

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Save Quiz Progress and Resume

Fri 31st Jan 2020

Life is busy. Sometimes you just need to take a pause! An option to pause can be a much needed feature, in online Tests, quizzes and exams.

ClassMarker offers the option to save quiz progress and resume at a later time. You have the option of requiring that the Test be completed in one sitting or you can allow users the option of saving the Test to resume at a later time. This setting in ClassMarker is called ‘Save and Resume Later’.

There are two ways to give your Tests in ClassMarker - via Groups or Links. You can use the 'Save and Resume Later' option, for both Groups and Links, to resume quiz questions.

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Anonymous Survey Maker

Fri 24th Jan 2020

Anonymity is very important, especially online! There are many reasons, as to why you may not want to ask others for their personal information such as their name, when creating anonymous surveys.

With ClassMarker, asking for name and email address is optional. You can ask for users to provide first name, last name and/or email address or you can choose to not record personal information, such as names and email addresses. You can also choose to not record the user's IP address.

Once the results are in, you can export survey data to Excel where you can then sort and filter the data as needed.

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