How to Make a Quiz Online

Tue 11th Oct 2022

When it comes to making quizzes, ClassMarker's online quiz maker is the #1 choice! You can make your own quiz, Test, exam, assessment, questionnaire, or survey quickly and easily.

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Allow Test Takers to Skip and Bookmark Questions

Sun 25th Sep 2022

With ClassMarker, you can allow Test takers to skip quiz questions and bookmark quiz questions to go back to later.

Not only can you skip and bookmark questions but ClassMarker is so flexible with how you can

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Resend Quiz Results to an updated Email

Tue 6th Sep 2022

All is good! You have given your quiz to your employees, students, and customers. You automatically set the results to send to the Test taker's email after Test completion. Awesome!

Uh Oh! A Test taker now reaches out to you because they have not received their results email. The email is incorrect! What can you do?

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Categorize Quiz Questions

Mon 29th Aug 2022

When you create a Test, do you think adding questions into categories is essential? You could add all your quiz questions into one category and leave it at that, but there are benefits to categorizing quiz questions.

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Certificate After Multiple Exams Taken

Mon 22nd Aug 2022

When giving an exam based certificate, a single Test is taken, and the certificate is issued. What happens if you need to provide several Tests in a specific order but only want to give a certificate after ALL Tests have been taken?

ClassMarker has the answer for you

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New Feature: Dashboard

Thu 4th Aug 2022

Exciting news! If you haven't used ClassMarker recently, you're in for a surprise! ClassMarker's 2022 quiz maker dashboard has a trendy new look and valuable quiz result analytics you can view quickly to get the data you need all in one spot.

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How To Take a Quiz?

Mon 6th Jun 2022

How do your Test takers take a quiz?

Good question! With ClassMarker, there are two ways that your students/employees can access the Tests you give them. If you have assigned Tests via Groups, users will log in to a Test taker account. If you have posted Tests via Links, they will to go to the Test link or web page URL where you have the Test located.

That's it! It's straightforward for students and employees to take online quizzes for Business and Education with ClassMarker.

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How Do I Make My Quiz More Secure?

Tue 19th Apr 2022

When giving quizzes online, you want to be sure that you are only giving these to those who the quizzes are intended for. You also want to be sure that the information in your Tests, quizzes, exams, surveys, and assessments are not being shared among other users.

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How Do I Change the Quiz Name?

Wed 30th Mar 2022

You may need to change the name of a quiz for several reasons.

  • Incorrect spelling when first adding the Test name. It happens!
  • If you use the same Test each year and include the year for the Test and you need to update the Test name to reference the current year.
  • You have made changes to the Test, where a new name is needed.
  • You just feel like changing it!

Whatever the reason may be, changing the name of a quiz in ClassMarker's Online Quiz Maker couldn't be easier.

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Interactive Quiz Maker

Sun 20th Mar 2022

ClassMarker is becoming even more user-friendly and interactive!

With ClassMarker, interactive Tests already exist. ClassMarker's interactive quiz maker for Business and Education, is about to become even more interactive for administrators and instructors, giving Tests.

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