Creating Randomized Quiz Questions

Thu 29th Aug 2019

Question arrangement in a quiz is a big deal! How do you organize your questions? Do you have all of the same questions always appear or rearrange these into a specific order? Do you have them randomize each time, or would you prefer to have questions pulled from a bank of questions? While we are unable to decide how you add your items, we can inform you of the available options ClassMarker offers, for question randomization. Let us assist you in determining how to add the main content into your Test - your questions

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Best Digital Quiz Tool 2019

Wed 21st Aug 2019

It's that time of year again! While some are enjoying the remaining days left of summer, others, such as Educators and Employers are busy preparing for a new school year. Teachers are preparing their course loads, learning materials and exams for the upcoming year, while Businesses may be looking for new hires after their summer interns have left to return to college or university.

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How to Give Online Exams and Quizzes

Sat 3rd Aug 2019

You have just finished creating your first Test and adding all of the content you wish to include - all questions, maybe a Test introduction, some images, perhaps audio or video, documents (all things that you can do with ClassMarker)- everything you need to make your Test a success.

Now, comes the next part - how are you going to deliver online exams to your users? Do you want to have your users log in to an account each time they take their exam or would you prefer they simply have a Test link that they click on with no registration required? Perhaps you are creating a questionnaire and want to simply add a Link to a page on a blog or social media site? Do you want to brand your Tests or even embed them, right into your own web page where they can take their Test right there!

How to give access to online exams within ClassMarker:

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Restricting Quiz Access by IP Address

Sun 21st Jul 2019

Are you looking for a Quiz Maker with Ip Restriction? Using IP restrictions to limit quiz access, offers the security and peace of mind you want, when giving your online Tests, Exams and Quizzes. IP restriction in online exams will limit the access to only the IPs you choose. This means, that only those users who are on approved IP addresses can gain access to your data.

With ClassMarker, you will be able to apply IP Address restrictions to

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Quiz Maker for Anonymous Testing

Sat 15th Jun 2019

When giving online Tests and Quizzes, one important feature that is a must have, is the ability to create anonymous quizzes online. With ClassMarker, you can choose to NOT record names and email addresses of those taking the Tests, however you can still record the answers given.

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How To Add Demographic Questions to a Quiz

Thu 6th Jun 2019

So, you have just created a Test, Exam or Quiz that include all of the questions that you wish to Test your users on, however what about those questions that you want information for, but you do not want them included in the Test itself?

Questions that are not included within the Test are generally referred to as demographic questions. These are used to gather additional data from your users that are not part of that Test’s content.

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How to Export Quiz Answers

Mon 27th May 2019

Test taking is of course important for Students, however, the most important part of the Test process for those giving the Tests, is the ability to receive results, and to then analyze the data received.

When you export quiz results, there may be times that you only require the score/percentage and other times where you may require more advanced details such as questions and answers for all those who took the Test.

With ClassMarker, you can export quiz answers, for all users who have taken your quiz. Exporting this data into one report will save time from having to view this in each user’s individual results pages.

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GDPR Compliant Exam & Quiz Maker

Sat 4th May 2019

ClassMarker is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant exam and quiz maker.

Introduced in May, 2018, the goal of the GDPR is to protect individuals' privacy by requiring organizations are accountable for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal or sensitive data.

Creating online quizzes with a GDPR compliant Quiz Maker Online will ensure your EU organization is compliant with EU laws.

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Top 10 Lead Generation Ideas

Wed 24th Apr 2019

A relationship with your customers is important and one way to build this relationship, is by reaching out to your customers, to ensure that you are providing them with the products and services they want. In order to do this however, you need to get those customers to want to give you that information. A quiz with the right questions is not only great for allowing your users to give their feedback, it can also provide some entertainment if you get creative and it can educate users on your products and services. From this, you will be able to collect all of the information you need, including the gathering of email addresses which is a great way to increase your business leads.

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Save Time Grading Exam Papers

Mon 15th Apr 2019

What is the most time consuming task when giving a Test? I bet 98% of people who are tasked with giving Tests just had one word instantly come to mind ‘grading’! If you thought this, you have obviously had to do this a time or 100, at least

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