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Online certification Tests can be required for many different reasons. Skills certification, product certification, employee position promotion and so on. Regardless of why you are needing to provide these, one thing is for certain - you need to have a reliable, secure online certification software.

In an era where everyone has a smart device in their hands (or in their back pocket) having a Testing platform online makes Testing convenient. ClassMarker enables you to create online certification Tests that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs, within a stable Testing tool that you can change as your Testing requirements change.

For example; with product certification Tests, your Test can change as fast as a product range can change. When you need to create another Test or make changes to an existing one, a user-friendly interface is crucial in an ever changing market.

Not only is certification Testing online more convenient and time-saving, it is also becoming a necessity. Especially with the need for certification to be completed by those who may not physically be at the place of employment or school, that the certification is coming from. This can be due to location restrictions, or perhaps a person being on-site for a job and they need it right then to continue with their job. This can also come in handy in a situation where a user’s current certification is going to expire and they need to take the renewal at a remote location.

Whatever the reason, when giving online certification exams, accessibility is a must. ClassMarker works on all devices, such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Chrome Book, all smart devices - all that is needed is an internet connection and a device that can connect to it and of course, a willing participant!

With ClassMarker, create custom certificates that include your organization details and logos. Certificates will be automatically generated with elements you select, such as name, score and date. Choosing to have the date displayed is great for those who need to verify when they completed their latest certification Test. There is also the option to select the Start date if you prefer.

Additional customization options include giving certificates in portrait or landscape mode, wallet sized certificates, automatically adding unique identifiers such as Course Codes, Employee IDs, Student Numbers, Serial Numbers, Registration Numbers, License Numbers and more!

You can also consider, creating multiple Certificates for seperate exams, this means each Certificate can be fully customized for the training and testing you have provided.

Award certificates to only those that pass from the optional passmark you set or have all users receive a certificate for completion.

You can allow your Test takers to immediately download their certificate directly from their results page on-screen. You can also send online exam certificates by email to your Test takers. A benefit to this is, not only will your users have a hard copy that they have printed but if they do require another copy, they can easily access this from within their email, wherever they are.

Being that ClassMarker is completely web based - if you need to confirm or check on a user’s certification from wherever you are, simply enter their name from within your ClassMarker administrator account and this will pull up all results for that specific user, making it easy to search for the certification Test you are looking for.

Do you have multiple Tests to give before your Test taker can be awarded their certification? When using Links, you can create a series of Tests, so that each Test is given in a specific order and certification is only awarded upon successful completion of the final Test.

ClassMarker also offers the option to create and sell online Tests for certification. Set these up so that all Tests are charged for or only certain ones. Give practice quizzes first for free, to prepare users for their certification Tests. Or, set up the initial attempt to be free and charge for additional attempts or vice versa!

Online Testing for certification should be easy to set up and use. It should also be secure and allow for easy designation of how Tests are made available to and for those who require certification.

ClassMarker is a leading online Testing provider for both Business and Education. Start today and join the thousands of users already using ClassMarker for their Certification Testing needs.

Happy Testing!

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