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Lead generating in today's world means having someone willing to give you their email and any additional information you are looking to gather. Now, most people have become leary about handing out their email for fear of being spammed by everything other than what they had initially given their email for. It’s not out of the norm for people to have multiple email addresses and one or three of those being reserved just for those who request an email, especially if they are not sure if your website has anything they are interested in.

Creating quizzes for lead generation is a great way to gather names, email addresses and additional information.

In order to have someone be willing to provide any details however, you need to be sure that you are offering something they want or something that they are looking for an answer to. You should have an idea what people are searching for by the keywords that bring up your site when searching the web. Doing a little homework by trying different search words and phrases to see which ones bring up your site will give you a pretty good idea about what answers people are seeking.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what people are searching for, you can generate your offer to get people wanting to fill out your ‘call to action’ form.

A great way to do this is by offering your users the opportunity to take part in a small quiz where both you and your customers benefit. You collect the information you desire and at the same time, your customers receive the answers they seek.

ClassMarker is a great online solution, to create quizzes to generate leads.

With ClassMarker, when you create your quizzes, you can ask for name, email address (these are both optional settings) and as well, you can ask up to 5 additional questions that you can set to mandatory. Users can then freely enter their answers to these questions.

View lead generation quiz results in numerous ways with ClassMarker. You can view and track the results of your users, for both groups of users and individuals. Have these sent to you automatically by email as soon as a user completes your quiz, view these within your admin account, export the results to Excel for further analysis. We also have API/Webhooks integration options so you can receive the results back to your own system!

Using ClassMarker’s online quiz maker for lead generation will also allow you to track which of your quizzes are generating the most leads for you and allow you to edit these to garner better results.

How about adding customized feedback that will display to your customers, along with a redirect option that can be your call to action button in order to redirect users back to your own website, if they are not already there. By this, we mean when you give quizzes with ClassMarker's lead generation quiz tool, assigning these via Links will allow you to share your quizzes all over the place! Put your quiz links in emails, paste them into blogs, posts on social media sites and embed these right into your own web pages. Plus, customize your quiz to include your company branding.

You can also have the results emailed automatically to your customers instantly when they finish their quiz. Set the results that display on-screen to something different than what they receive in an email - you have full control on how your results display for both those on-screen and ones that are emailed.

Certificates - create a customized certificate that is automatically generated for your users when they have completed their quiz. Get creative and turn the certificate into a voucher. Try offering your users a percentage off of a product or service you offer, perhaps for a free consultation of some kind or maybe a 'buy one get one free’ offer. Doing something as such, is a great way to show them you really value the time they have spent taking your quiz.

ClassMarker offers you a secure, private and stable platform, to create a high converting quiz. ClassMarker can ensure you that we take a very serious approach to ALL data added to ClassMarker - both your data and that of your users. We do not sell or share any data and all data added always remains your own!

Take ClassMarker on the road with you, to a trade show or marketing event. Being able to walk around a trade show with a tablet or an iPad, or having it based at your table, you can have users take your quiz right there and provide them with a little gift for taking it. Or, once they get home, they can then print off their certificate voucher you created to use when they choose. Afterwards, you can track how the event or show performed by the results received. With ClassMarker as long as you have a stable internet connection you have the ability to generate leads while making a connection with potential customers!

Try ClassMarker today to make your own quiz to generate leads.

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