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There is so much flexibility when giving online quizzes. Some Tests need to meet specific requirements and are held at a particular location in one sitting. Other Tests are self-paced and taken from anywhere at any time.

Creating self-paced quizzes enables users to go through a quiz at their leisure, answer questions, review any materials included in the examination, and view the results upon Test completion.

ClassMarker gives you the options you need to meet your Testing requirements!

What are the benefits of self-paced online exams?
  • Everyone learns differently. Using self-paced quizzes helps with users actually retaining the information being taken in.
  • No pressure! Not all users can finish a Test in 60 seconds! Self-paced quizzes ensure users can go through their Tests at the speed they need to to reach that 'finish line successfully.'
  • Sometimes, students or employees have different time restraints and schedules and are not available simultaneously. Self-paced quizzes remove this issue altogether. All users can take the Test.
  • Every user experiences questions in a Test that they find easy and others more complex. Self-paced quizzes allow users to spend more time on the questions they find more challenging.
  • Train and quiz at the same time with self-paced quizzes. If you add learning materials to your Test, users can learn at the same time you are evaluating where they are at with this training. With ClassMarker, you can add audio, video, images, and documents.

There are many benefits to giving student paced quizzes.

When using ClassMarker, you can mix and match quiz settings to achieve the type of self-paced quiz you want to create!

Check out a few variations:
  • Self-paced quiz always available: Users can go to this Test anytime, anywhere. When they begin, they will continue in one sitting until they finish it.
  • Self-paced quiz always available with 'save and resume later': Users can go to this Test anytime, anywhere. When they begin, they can save and resume quiz progress at any point. When they continue the Test, they will pick up right where they had left off.
  • Self-paced quiz within specified dates/times: Set a specific start date/time and an end date/time between which users must enter their Test. For example, February 2nd, 2023, from 9 am until February 10th, at 4 pm.
  • Self-paced quiz without skipping past unanswered questions: Users must answer questions as they progress through the Test.
  • Self-paced quiz with the option to skip past unanswered questions: Users can skip past questions they do not yet want to answer. You can enable an option to allow users to go back to previous Test pages for users to answer these questions later or review all previously answered questions. When letting users go back to previous Test pages, they can bookmark a question to get back to immediately.

Did you know? Showing feedback during a self-paced quiz is excellent for enabling users to see their progress as they take the Test. Showing feedback and grading during is especially great for those training-type quizzes. With ClassMarker, you can add quiz feedback and grading options to display during and upon Test completion.

Create your own fully customized Tests, exams, surveys, quizzes, assessments and more with ClassMarker, self-paced of course!

Register Here to begin using ClassMarker today from anywhere at any time!

Happy Testing!

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